Chains Impale My Spirit (MD2018) (DEMO)


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Track composed for Madness Day. Directly influenced by Krinkels .fla Madness Shorts (SACRIFICE.fla / AMANESIA.fla / POWERLESS.fla). Needs some touch-up's in places of course.

This counts as a demo until full release is done.

EDIT: End vocals have been frequency and DB Boosted.

These chains, they wrap around me.
This torment, impales my doomed spirit.
My sins, fuel this repeating hell.
Endless, endless burning agony within myself.

Look at these falling stars, souls destined to die.
Warped through this looping realm, mockery of life.
They had one purpose and they failed in their cause.
Reduced into a mockery within the realm's twisted jaws.

Straight through this nightmare, I *barely believe it*.
That all that I've killed is down here to *torment me*, one by one.
For every puncture that gets *forced through my head*.
I end up revived to go through this all over again.
For all of my efforts was life really *worth it?*
To end up down here where *nothing is rewarded?*
The chains shooting out through the rips *in this hell*.
They'll drag me further back through all this *terror and pain*.

*Grasping for my freedom*, for my life is falling down these doomed red skies.
*Spirits shedding terror*, floating lands of rock and despair.
*My victims raise their weapons*, the undead horrors returned to punish me.
*Abstract gods have judged me*, they want me to bleed.

Insignificance with all of these actions in our past lives.
Cruel explicitness that these dead lords have gone to punish us.
Omnipotence tortures us as we're unable to fully die.
Lividness that we've been cheated of a peaceful afterlife.

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can I use this for my fnaf oc? His name is shadowslash. He's was a demon but then his mom bitch slapped him so he became half angel.

I really do like this track. Very post-human vocals and an interesting choice of synths.

I cannot handle the fact that this track was faved by PelinalWhitestrake... so jelly, you are only one step away from the Daedric lord of Madness himself!

Nice music, I think you should remake the depressive voice, this voice I can't fucking hear it seriously.

Lich responds:

EQ and Volume corrections have been applied a couple of mins ago & uploaded.


dat angry drums - my head is being stabbed by them haha.. some interesting synths accompanying it - I love the effects on the vocals man - very aggrotech feeling - almost has a g-major feel to it. This feels like it could be used as background music for johnny the homicidal maniac hehe

Nice epica-like bridge in the third quarter - its a good thing you have the vocals listed though cuz I dunno if many people would be able to decipher them otherwise haha..

as for mastering.. fuck like im gonna tell YOU what you need - you know your shit hehe - my only beef is the last vocal at the end is a bit too low and that it merges in a bit too much with all the other bass - but otherwise stellar man!

-shawn (chronamut)-

Lich responds:

Ayyy thanks L A D

Funny you should mention G Major, it does switch into it later in the track. I just downtune by a half-note for global tuning though, so you're super close haha. I've done some EQ and db-boosted the last vocal segment now, uploaded the corrected version a couple of mins ago. Ideally I'd like to rerecord that segment (since I had to do it on the quiet at like 2am in the morning), but I can't do so today.

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Sep 21, 2018
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