Joyride to Space (NGRMC Remix)

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NOTE: This is not part of the Lost in Space story, but I may find a spot for it somewhere (maybe a very short sidestory of my own in Lost in Space, but that is highly unlikely...)

I have done another interesting twist in my music, but it is more interesting in how I did this song. In this song, I tried to combine components from Lost in Space (a few of the ZynAddSubFX presets are these components), Blast from the Past (during the break), and a couple of others. I even went back to a few things in this song (such as the distorted subbass from months ago and the delay arps (but this time, I used ZynAddSubFX for one of them instead of LB302)). I wouldn't say that this is my best song, but I would say it would up there close to it.


This is my entry for the 1st Annual Newgrounds Remix Competition (a.k.a. NGRMC)!

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Diggin' the intro. Could definitely do with more low cut on that reverb though.

0:45 our chords are starting to sound harmonically condensed and chunky. Careful not to cram too many low frequencies down there or you'll start to get that choked timbre. Intervals between lower notes are way more dissonant than intervals between higher notes. If I'm not crazy, search up lower interval limits and you'll see what I mean.

Sounds like your sub may not be on the root of each chord. This gives an interesting but not necessarily satisfying tonality, as we again have that chunky feeling.

1:36, nice big open section, but your sub isn't enough to hold it up on its own. Prop up that nice, spacy, synthy goodness with a grittier bass on top of that sub, nice and clean. Growls may do nicely.

You've taken an adventurous approach both stylistically and instrumentally, but it really feels like a lot of the same stated in different timbres, definitely enough that 4:48 minutes is a lot of time to kill.

Probably your best section is 2:45. Most balanced, best growth. That said, it does grow on me the longer I listen.

Watch out for clipping. 2:53 I thought I heard some straight up overdrive on that transition. In short, instrumentation was fine but I'd have loved to hear some new material on this. As is, it sounds like a lot of the same for a really long time -- a classic symptom of overly long tracks.

Still, enjoyed the piece. Look forward to seeing you next year!

Thanks for coming out to NGRMC!

The pads feel positively euphoric! I think the biggest draw was the buildup with the spacey pads in the beginning. Not sure I felt the lead. Like the walking bass. I think I echo the others' concerns about the song being repetitive, and that alone would cause me to dock one point. Still though: this piece did put a smile on my face.

1:38 was climactic and a nice change to this song. The dynamics after that were quite varied, soft, and then medium loud again. I loved that, well all the way into the 3-minute mark. We're missing some pew-pews and things that could be spacey, wet piano... -- I guess, some missed opportunities, but a decent sound, what you've got going here!

Wow, I like the background drums in the break for the second drop.

Sounds a bit repetitive, but don't worry, it's a good joob

Also, i give you 5/5!

JordanKyser responds:

Thanks for the feedback! :D

As usual, the tough part is the mixing/mastering. I do feel like I am getting better at it. :)

WOW! NICE JOB! JK for the win!

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Sep 6, 2018
6:25 AM EDT
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