Make it Hard (NGRMC Remix)

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Made this in a day for the NRMC Remix contest, hope you guys like it. Wanted to make something more electronic but ended up recording guitars and vocals u.u jaja.


Nothing is too complicated
You can always make or fake it
You've been known to overanalyze
try to see with a new pair of eyes


It can be so amazing
This is the greatest part
Why be so alienated?
You always make it hard
you're never really jaded,
don't try to break my heart
I mean it when I say it
You always make it hard

Let it go we almost get there
You'll be fine just stop complaining
Nothing ever goes the way you want
make the best with all the things you have


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Very nice sound here, the "QUALITY" is amazing and love the vocals in this, some faster tempos with more build up would be one thing I would ad, You bring the Charm to the portal, A very Notable piece here, This one caught my attention, mainley becaus eyou can really lay down some tune and give it some good vibe, it was smooth sounding just a small Summary here not my Finest review but wanted to say a few words on your tune here, So before I go I will say it was nice checking out your work and hope to checkout even more stuff that you may dawn for us here in the portal.

some faster tempos with more build up would be one thing I would ad


Nice song, a bit too much the same globally but still cool.
And I really like the guitar :)

Forgive the relative brevity/incoherence of this review; I did it on paper in a coffee shop slash book store, and now I'm rewriting/adding to it, lol.

Starting out, kick drum is too loud during your intro; perc in general is much too loud until the chorus. This sounds to me like your vocals haven't been properly compressed, along with your guitars.

Listening on speakers, they sound less thin than they had on my monitor headphones, but watch those high notes; I can feel you really reaching at points, sometimes overshooting or going flat. May check out some voice training by Ken Tamplin. Every issue you're having, intonation, overall volume, pitchy head voice/falsetto, his singing course addresses (and most of it can be found on YT, albeit more sparsely than in the DVD/online materials).

I can't tell if you're sitting or standing, but if you're sitting, definitely recommend standing to sing. It will make a huge difference in your air stream. Another few tips from the series -- you know how you laugh? From your belly, right? Breathe from there. Let your diaphragm, not your chest, drive your singing. Practice good posture, good tongue posture -- open up like the doc has you in his office with a tongue suppressor, so your singing resonates off of your palate -- if you're doing it right, it should make you feel like yawning -- and if you practice with scales, and I recommend you do, the staccato HAH-HAH-HAH-HAH method is the way to go.

This alone improved my singing in a single session, enough I feel the need to re-do every piece I've ever sung on tbh. You've got a good voice hiding under there. I can hear it peeking out. May be something to look into.

Now, writing here is pretty good; good chord progression, steady pacing, good variation of texture. Never too soft, never too hard. Guitars overall could stand to come up in the mix except for the naked section before 3:00.

Final chorus ends abruptly, bringing all the instrumentation back. I would have slowly pared it down to another naked vocal/guitar section. Bringing everything back is a signal, "We're going to have one last, long chorus," and then poof.

I will say the vocals, both written and delivered, sound very non-native to my ear -- BUT your chorus itself is viral. It's the verses that need more of a natural touch. As I was writing this review out, long after the song ended, it still hung in my head.

Overall, some minor gelling issues between synths and guitars, but otherwise I dig it.

Thanks for coming out to NGRMC!

TheMoebiusProject responds:

Thanks! Very helpful! This was done in only a day so yeah it is pretty rough. You are right about the vocals, Could have been better had I given it a little more detail and practice jaja I practically made it and recorded it as I went. Anyways, thanks for the review. Gonna make some adjustments and make it a full on song. Wish it does go viral :P.

I really like this.
I think the kick at the beginning was too dry. (My entry was accused of the same, so, you're not alone haha).
Aside from that, I really like the song!
The bass fits in well, the guitar is excellent, and you killed it with the vocals!
Nice job!

TheMoebiusProject responds:

Yeah, you are right! I actually think the whole song could use more "dampening" jaja but I am working on a whole album right now so I did what I could in one day :). I'll give it a full remastering when I get time though. Thanks!

I love it....now I'm not sure have I give mine Sub enough tough :D amazing work,keep it up

TheMoebiusProject responds:

Thanks, I just heard yours and it's really cool!! Sounds nice and intense. Its really good but very different to mine. I wonder how they' re gonna judge them, hmm anyways, thanks for listening!! :)!

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