Piercing Lazer - Simple Sight (Remastered Instrumental)


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It's the 10th anniversary of Castle Crashers (August 27th)! I decided to remaster the Necromancer Theme originally from my 2008 Piercing Lazer album, Parallel Universe.

If you want to support me (god knows I need it), you can buy the track on my BandCamp store page below with the rest of the album too! Thanks for the support!

Buy the song: https://piercinglazer.bandcamp.com/track/simple-sight-instrumental-remastered
Buy the album: https://piercinglazer.bandcamp.com/album/parallel-universe-10th-anniversary-remastered-edition

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Do you have SoundCloud because I have sound cloud and I’ll definitely follow me if you have sound cloud because you’re music is freaking awesome dude keep up the good work that’s kind a cool Ha you meant Phyrnna Man your music rocks do you keep up the good work

Yes, just yes, complete yes. I recently got back to Castle Crashers and used the Necromancer from the DLC, I'm getting back into Newgrounds in general as well. Now I'm moving to Battleblock Theater and planning to replay Alien Hominid eventually. This remaster made the nostalgia hit me like a (attempts to think of a good Necromancer pun, cant....) Truck. I'm probably a little late to say, but it's cool and thank you for remaking this masterpiece.

RealFaction responds:

Thanks! All I did was mix it a little differently for modern times though. I'm hoping more people give the upcoming new album a chance.

This reminds me to something but I really don't know what's this xd
But yeah the song's really awesome :P <3

RealFaction responds:

Castle Crashers? :P thanks


RealFaction responds:



So maybe it was me or nothing but is there a "MUFFLED" sound at start of so not sure thats the intent but you have a nice sound here, And to end things here, you have presented a decent piece of audio, wich cameout pretty well, wouldnt mind hearing more from you soon and more from your works. And well that closes it out, all I can say from here on out is it was a pleasure and I hope you keep making interesting stuff, And not sure what else to say except that you have shown the talent and the sounds do come alive in there own unique way so nice effort here today.

For sure some fades and build up points would also be nice


RealFaction responds:

Have you heard the original? This is a remastered version basically all I did was change the EQ some to bring out the sounds more but I didn't change much. Yes, I made the original 10 years ago and the effect back then I was aiming for was like you're listening to a song playing out of headphones, then suddenly putting the headphones on. It was like a slight buildup effect basically. Thanks!

This is like from 2008, but I have plenty of other new music from this year in my submissions. Currently I'm working on 2 new albums, one metal (same project this song was made under), and one hiphop from my other side project. I might release previews from both soon.

Thank you! Though this song was made 10 years ago so I can't say any feedback is relevant to my current skill level haha, but I must say for being 16 at the time I'm quite impressed, though I still kinda sucked at making music. Believe me though when I say I would change so much about the song if I redid it lol.

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Aug 28, 2018
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