For Them (NGRMC Remix)

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So recently, I was creating this song for the brand spankin' new NGRMC (NewGrounds ReMix Competition), hosted by Zophar. This competition is where you take a melody that the judges give you and turn it into a song. If you want to go ahead and enter into that (there's still time to make a song, you have until October 1st!), you can check out this thread: https://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1434657/1

I look forward to seeing what the peoples bring to this, anything can happen on the first year.

EDIT: so my brain never thought about talking about the song itself, so I'm gonna add a few details now. The song is in 7/8, which was something I wanted to do for a while now, and it uses a couple of new plugins that I recently got for Ableton. It's kinda similar to some of the songs I have done in the past, moreso And Falling, and it kinda (unintentionally) ends the tale started with Running Back And Falling.

Again, I look forward to the stuff that's coming in NGRMC :D

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I like to think that long intros can make or break a piece. I've listened to a lot of Mike Oldfield to the point that I think a long intro with sufficient buildup could be powerful. That being said, as much as I liked what you did in your intro, it felt weaker and more underdeveloped compared to the power of the rest of your piece. A crash course in Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells might serve as a good start, and I mean it.

When the rest of the instrumental kicks in at 3:00~, it's powerful. I love your drums. Cymbals feel too short in reverb / decay, so they sound fake. A solid bassline to ground the piece together would be much appreciated here as well. But I love everything you've done here otherwise -- the dissonance is on point, the piano is on point, and I could seriously see it as trailer music.

Those last few notes on the piano came abruptly, I didn't even realise that the piece hadn't ended by that point.

In my opinion, i dont mind the extremely long intro, i feel like it has a lot of emotional quality, it reminds me of good times but kind of in a dreamy or sad way, feels somewhat nostalgic. i loved how you took a little break from the original 4 bars and developed the piece. the new chords and melody and added percussion was really interesting, not a lot of the other submissions, not even mine, went this far away from the original loop. i love that chromatism at 2:06, i feel like its unexpected and feels so intense. the buildup made the song more intense and made it feel like it was going somewhere, and while others may think the climax is too loud or too sudden compared to the rest of the song, i love it. it takes you by surprise and it feels so cathartic. those glissandos feel so emotional to me, the percussion feels so overwhelming in a good way. the new melody at 3:26 is really interesting. the chord progression with all those 7th chords and the lead pluck with a lot of reverb feels dreamy and nostalgic, like the beginning, so in a way you go back to the beginning. the final chord at first seems like it's going to resolve, but you added 3rds above it so it becomes somewhat intense one last time, like its going to lead to something, but instead you end it on the tonic so it feels super satisfying.
the only reason why i gave a 4.5 stars on this, is because the mixing can do some work. i can hear some sounds clashing with each other, and the crashes are way too loud. the whole song in general could use some more eq. in my opinion, the song could also use some panning to make it sound more wide, as if its being played with a live orchestra.
i honestly do not know how you only got 18th place for this contest, you should've got higher. this was an amazing emotional journey for me, keep up the good work!

Calm and Clean, I like it :)
Maybe you should have used more airy elements in it

SplatterDash responds:

Probably could use some airy elements in here, yeah, but to me there's some things that need to be thicker and a little more heavy. Still, really glad you liked this :D

I didn't exactly like that long intro. I like it when it all came in at 1:08. That part was really nice. I loved that part with all the strings! I wish the melody where the violins came in just had some vibrato. I then like that big impact! It just lit up the whole song! I feel like an orchestra could play this! But there are still some flaws. But this was awesome!

SplatterDash responds:

Hey, thank you for reviewing this! I'm glad you enjoyed this, and that there were some good things I can improve on from this. I actually used some VSTs for the first time - the one with the strings was DSK Overture. I was still trying to get used to it when I was making this, so I didn't realize there were some knobs (like the vibrato) in certain areas. Hopefully I'll utilize them in later works :)

I've mentioned to ADR3-N that the reason why I had the long intro was because of a piece I was inspired by called Atlas. That piece can be found here: https://youtu.be/Bw2Up2BRRII I feel like I know now how to not make the intro as long, so in pieces like this I know now how to start it off good and short.

Again, thank you for judging this and for running NGRMC! Looking forward to coming back next year :D

That initial fantasia-ish pike reminds me of a song I used to listen to -- swear I can't remember the name, but it was a remix of some Tinashe song. You'll know it if you've ever heard it.

Now, our intro is quite long, 2 minutes. Not a huge issue, except it gives me a lot of time to focus on the articulations and rather centered panning of lots of your orchestral synths. At 2:16 I'm confronted with this airy timpani; there's so much reverb on it, that's just about all I hear.

With better libraries, this could be a banger. Do note there are tons of free libraries out there if you're willing to spring for Kontakt, and if not, there are also tons of samplers/romplers out there for you to make these libraries yourself. As is, the strings at 1:16 sound extremely washed out, depending almost entirely on reverb for any sense of breath; this leaves them sounding muddy, also.

3:15, that lead is up way too high in the mix, and too dry. The rest of the instruments themselves are far too reverbed to pick out clearly.

Rubito piano sounds fine to me. Perhaps a hair late, but one could always drag that first bit out a little more to cope.

Overall, very imaginative take on the piece. Changing the time signature and genre, twice? Who'd'a thunk. :P I was also very pleased by your chord progressions in general, especially 3:00 to close.

Thanks for coming out to NGRMC!

SplatterDash responds:

Hey, thanks so much for taking the time to to judge my piece! I really enjoyed getting your feedback on this, especially since this was the first time that I tested out a couple of free VSTs, including DSK Overture and Orpheus. Because this is the first time I used them, some of the sounds (mainly the strings and timpani) may have sounded a bit off. I'm hoping I can get a better sound someday with this.

I can honestly agree, 3:15 was a challenge with the lead. I wanted the melody to stick out, since the glass piano was being drowned out by everything else, but the device I used made it stick out either too much or, when I tweaked it, too little. I actually had the same problem at 3:27, and that of course didn't work out as well :p

I've been getting tons of comments about the intro being too long, and listening to it I can understand why. The reason why I made it as long as I did was because I was inspired by a piece called Atlas, which can be found here: https://youtu.be/Bw2Up2BRRII I know how I could improve that intro in the future, though, so hopefully I can improve that easily.

Thank you again for the review! Decided to take a different route and do something different with the melody, so I figured an Eb melody in 7/8 would do. Really glad that you enjoyed this, and I'm hoping that I can get used to more VSTs. Maybe I will even come back to this and make it better :D

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