Niko - Out Of Control

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Generic dubstep track in D minor, 4/4 at 140 BPM. Surprised with the amount of struggle I had to finish this thing, but I finally made it!

Same as before, only native Fl Studio VST's were used. Except for the melody in the intro, which was made with Lord Of The Springs.

Drums, FX and vocals from Misfit Massacre, Zetta and Cymatics free dubstep samplepacks.

This is the first time I enter into any contest of this type here on NG, and honestly I never expected to get this far. The feedback I've been receiving from the judges is incredible, I really feel like that advice will be useful in the future.

So yeah, that's it. Hope you like it, and good luck to all of the other participants! :D


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Compositionally, this track seems to do everything you needed it to do for the genre. Sounds and feels dubsteppy!
3:54 - The lead synth here is WAY too bright. You could knock that back a good amount and it would still cut through the texture. Make sure after you rest your ears for a few hours to check your mix at super low volume. You'll hear things like this popping through the mix immediately.
Everything else sounds pretty good to me. Admittedly dubstep is not my thing but I can't subtract any points for simply being a genre I don't listen to on heavy rotation. Besides the aforementioned balance issue, you've got high marks. This is a great example of a dubstep track, but to get a score bump I'd like to hear something more uniquely 'you' coming through in this. You've got a good feel for balance, mixing, and form. You mentioned that this was 'generic'. If you want to bump this to the next level, I'd think about putting more of your specific personality into the next track (at least for competition). That said, well done!

I like the pads at the beginning. The lead at the beginning has a bit too much treble for my tastes, and the attack of the snare isn’t as sharp as I would’ve liked. The melodic ideas at the first refrain are a bit simplistic, but have a number of fun ornamental qualities. The vocals at 1:15 sounded a bit grating, and the instrument at the drop at 1:22 sounded a tad unpolished. I also think that section dragged on a tad too long, with the more melodic content only returning (however briefly) at 2:20. While I did enjoy the textural and rhythmic elements of the breaks, I couldn’t help but want to hear a bit more fill in the texture and harmonic variety in this piece. The structure, while effective overall, has a pretty cliche arrangement with few opportunities for shape and contrast from the extended drops. I also think that, harmonically speaking, there’s very little novel content during the second half of the piece, which is concerning largely because the piece is so long. At the very least, I commend you for varying the drop when it comes back around at 4:48. You were right when you referred to this track as generic, though. I think the composition and arrangement could be a lot more creative and variational. That said, the production is pretty strong, and the piece has its merits in the catchy breaks and punchy sound design. Keep at it, Nikolopoblete!

Mixing, mastering, and balance
Structure, transitions, phrasing, and variety
Melody, tonality, harmony, and texture
Instrumentation and sound design
Emotion, atmosphere, and catchiness
Originality and uniqueness
Overall (how do the elements above interact?)
Composite score

Interesting opening lead. Not really my cup of tea, but the progression maintains my attention.

Lead is a bit too loud over your bass throughout.

1:16 break is ironically more intense than your drop. Take down those vocal samples and your lead, and bring up the bass/wobbles. Otherwise, steady flow on your drop.

2:20 section feels almost copy pasted. I could have gone without it entirely and gone straight into 2:31. In fact, I probably could have taken if you hacked this B drop into the second half of your A drop. This song is really long for the repetition of elements it has; you've also got a nice C drop that I prefer over both A and B, and your outro finishes strong.

Overall, not much else to say. I did enjoy the piece, but the length wore on me a bit. Fix all of the above and I'd drop a solid 9/10, if not more. Riff is so catchy.

Thanks again for coming out to NGUAC!

This is really high quality work! What I lack and think is a shame is that its too repetitive with no melodic variations. You could’ve switched it up so it doesn’t the same with the melodies all the time considering this goes on for all most 6 min. If that was fixed this could totally be a nr 1 track. Otherwise great work, I want to follow your stuff, I think you will improve and do great! Good luck in the contest! Love to hear what you can come up with in the future

I'm digging the melodies. Interestingly enough, the main melody sounds a bit jaunty, like it might have been in a pirate movie were it played on a different instrument. Generally speaking the sounds are nice and punchy, though sometimes the way you use the samples can become too repetitive (likewise, that main melody keeps going for nearly six minutes... really dude?) The whole song would probably feel more comfortable if it were shorter.

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Aug 26, 2018
12:18 AM EDT
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