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This track's been in developmental hell for almost a year! I'm finally glad to release it! Thank you for listening! Enjoy! ◔‿◔

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It's certainly not bad very much at all, but there are a couple of things I'd like to mention.

From 01:41 to 02:03, you have an interesting chord progression that uses what's called a borrowed chord. This song is in A minor, but the tonic chord (the "root" or "home" chord) is "borrowed" from A major.

That means that the melody is gonna have to do some funky business with what scale it's in at different points in time, depending on what chord it's over. When the melody is being played over that A major chord, you have to make the melody in A major, which you did. But, over any other chord that's not borrowed, you have to act like you're in A minor again, which you didn't.

No worries, it's pretty technical, but it's just something to be wary of.

(I don't want to sound condescending at all, it's just that I don't know if you know music theory... xD)

Secondly, and more importantly, a song should never, ever, EVER, E V E R take a year to finish!

1) You run a very large risk of becoming overly attached to that song, and you'll find it hard to move on from it.

2) You won't want to make another song because it feels like it might take another year.

3) Making songs faster makes you improve faster. The amount of improvement is directly related to how many songs you make. Makes sense, right? So, if you make songs faster, you improve faster.

Just... don't catch perfection-itis. If you do get it, my best advice is to stop caring. Just put random crap on NG or something. Don't worry if it sounds good. Make it just to make it for a while. If you want to be more active in eradicating that disease of perfectionism, then you might want to consider adopting the "20 hour guillotine," where after working on your song for 20 hours total, you immediately export your song and call it completely finished. (There are VSTs that track how much time you've worked on a song.)

Still though, this is pretty nice. I like the style of it. You may want to smooth out your transitions a bit, but otherwise, I like it.

BiTSTER responds:

Thank you! I kind of just left this track in the pile of other unfinished tracks. It sort of went brain dead for it when coming up to the breakdown but I had finally managed to think of something. I'm not too keen on music theory, so I'm a little lost at the part where you mention the borrowed chord. And now I must DEFINITELY research what that is so I don't make the same mistake twice! As for music in general, I wish I was as enthusiastic as I was when I was younger when making it. You're absolutely right, a track should NEVER take a year to finish. I've been focusing on video editing and graphic design mostly and music has just been a thing on the side as of late, but hopefully I'll jump back into releasing track after track like the old days! I really appreciate the feedback. It means more to me than you think. I look forward to hearing more from you if you ever take interest in my songs! Thank you for listening! :D

This isnt bad man :P I honestly think you should build on this type of music cuz this is INCREDIBLE!!

BiTSTER responds:

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :D

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Aug 23, 2018
12:31 PM EDT
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