Lumin - Nocturnal Wonders [Dnb/Dubstep]

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Song for the final round of NGUAC

So I knew this had to be something big. I didn't do great in the second round so I had to make something like I never have before. This is the result of me trying new things and putting music together in new ways.

Even if I don't win this competition it's been so much fun. Thanks for the invite if you're reading this LunacyEcho, I've learnt a lot and met new people. Thanks to all the judges that have listened, reviewed and given feedback.

I guess you can call this a lot of different things, it's DnB with Dubstep with Orchestral things so I'm not really sure.


Kontakt Player
Harmor (For Resampling)
And many many many MANY effect plugins


Sounds of KSHMR vol. 1
Au5 FreeFall Sample Pack
Au5 Arise Sample Pack
A l o t more

Mixed and Mastered in FL Studio 12


Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9fo01rEB1AFrty49p5KrMg

Join my discord: https://discord.gg/gf9GvdJ

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I like it! btw the second drop reminds me of Strong Arm by Stephen Walking.

LuminX responds:

Thanks! Yeah, I guess that screechy growl does sound like it, thanks for the 5 star <3


Ho-lee-fudge this is wonderful! I was like... uh lets see, idk. Then i pressed play and like the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end. Brilliant job. I like how its clearly electronic music, but it has that realusm of being *imperfect* in the placement of the nites but perfect in the way it sounds. Like people said that cello is hella good, what is that cello from btw.

I hope you dont mind me asking a few questions, how do you use direct wave? Ive never seen it really even though i have it, and if it dosent take too much time could you send me the links to get those sample packs? A lot of my friends have them too and i would like too see what theyre like :)

Thanks for reading the review and blessing me with this music :) have a great day and keep it up

LuminX responds:

Hey! Thanks for the review :) To get the cello I actually used kontakt, which personally I think is better with organic instruments. I used direct wave to get a legato violin at 2:23. It might be muffled in the mix (one of the biggest problems with this song lmao) but that is what I used it for. I might not be able to send you the sample packs as they are paid. You can surely find the samples online for purchase. I'd suggest looking at all of KSHMR's sample packs because of how well they're made and the amount of sounds you get from them.

Regarding Kontakt, the version I use is free and just lets you play with these instruments sampled. you can pay for it and I believe that lets you use custom instruments.

Thanks for the five star! <3

This is a pretty amazing track. You have a lot of talent and I love any musician that isn't afraid to play around with mixing different genres. Nicely mixed too! Can't wait to see what you put out in the future and congrats on second place on the NGUAC :)

LuminX responds:

Thanks a lot! You deserved 1st your piece was amazing :)

Good job with the Cello. It feels realistic. The violin feels synthetic, though. It's a little loud in the mix, and VERY dry. I'd try adding some reverb to help cover up some of those more synthetic attacks/releases.
1:28 - Nice synth work here. That main synth could be brought down a bit though. There are some really great things going on in the background that are getting buried (specifically those more muted arpeggios). It would be REALLY great to be able to hear more interplay between the choppy synth and the relentless softer arpeggios...create more of a dialogue instead of a main part/background part. I'd also consider trying to bolster the bass a bit here as well. Oddly enough, you've got great definition in the hi end (usually something that gets overlooked in these types of genres). I think the mix up there is a little hot, though...specifically in the percussion. I'd try pulling some of the hi percussion back a bit. By nature, it will cut through the mix pretty nicely, so you can lay back on the levels a bit and they'll still be there.
I normally would have thought the cello loop would get tiresome, but it never felt old. It's thematic, but not overplayed.
Formally you've done a good job of balancing the different sections. When I read your description I was anticipating you'd have one section, then something else, then something else, but you really blend the elements of the genres pretty seamlessly here which is not easy to do. You'll get a score bump for originality.

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4.08 / 5.00

Aug 21, 2018
8:18 AM EDT
Drum N Bass
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