Look At Me


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Crafted with @bassfiddlejones for round 2 of NGADM 2018. This time we brought my wife in to sing this punchy orchestral metal song.

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Captive by your insecurities
And you keep passin’ me by
Locked inside this unseen grave
An’ there’s no reason why

No sound escapes my lips
In the silence I digress
This is the prison I call home

But you hold the key
To set me free

Can’t you see me standin’ here?
Have I really disappeared?
In the shadows, far behind
Clearly screaming “Look at me!”
How long must this go on?
Til’ the day the sun is gone?
In a void of endless night
Clearly screaming “Look at me!”

Verse 2:
Cast aside like I’m an afterthought
No tears left to cry
I even miss the days when we would fight
Now you’re bleedin’ me dry

But you hold the key
To set me free

Am I just another pawn in your political scheme?
Or the squeaky wheel spinnin’ in a broken machine?
Think I enjoy second fiddle playin’ too hard to get?
Take a look in the mirror, still haven’t found me yet

Will you notice me when I am gone?
Will you miss this chance before it all goes wrong?
Could you try a little harder maybe just to relate
Instead of thinkin’bout yourself and all the plans you made?

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Good lyrics

Some really nice lyrics and the vocals accent it well the guitar stuff was just as amazing and I have to say it all came together well with some good quality and just plays well and I honestly can't think of anything to change on this it was a beautiful piece of music and glad I had the chance to review your work here today

A beautiful piece and needs no changes


This is an Official NGADM '18 Round 2 Review

Beginning Comments: Congratulations on making it to round 2

Production / Mixing: It sounds good. I'm not sure if I agree with the balancing a little bit. Like some of the guitars or lead vocals I think are too far forward, but it still sounds like a finished product. It might sound a little dry, but I like it that way for this actually.

Composition / Structure: Nice and heavy. In terms of structure and composition it doesn't sound terribly unique, and it doesn't really make me feel moved. I think the chorus was emotionally flat compared to what the lyrics were doing in the sense that I never felt the artist putting any additional energy in their singing. I felt as if the energy of the singer was mostly the same throughout the whole song, and the waveforms almost reflect the feeling of having little dynamic changes as well.

Sound Design: Everything sounds great. The vocals are clear, the orchestral instruments complement the guitars well, and the percussion are punchy (a little quiet for my taste but they have the right tone).

Ending Comments: Sounded great. I enjoyed the style and the feel of it. The main topic of the song aligns with the style of the music, and it carries a decent energy throughout the whole piece. I think it could have used a little more variation and maybe some more intricate writing to make it feel more unique, but I still enjoyed listening to this a lot.


Production - 1.75

Composition - 1.5

Structure - 1.5

Sound Design - 2

Replay - 1.75

Total - 8.5

*Disclaimer - I have no disclaimer, except please disregard my metal hand emoticon \m/

Great work as always! Hope to see more of your work in the future

I like the guitar riffs at the beginning. The drums sound nice and crisp, but still don't come through the mix as strongly as I would've liked. The vocals are really nice, and the lyrics are well-written. Production quality is sharp, and the arrangement song is smooth (if a little generic). I really like the dark brass riff at 2:40. The defiant tone of the bridge was great, but I think the vocals could've been foregrounded in the mix there a bit more clearly. The subsequent solo was really easy to get into, and I really like the reverse vocals at the transition at 3:53. The vocal layering during the last chorus was great, and overall the piece comes together really well. Captivating and passionate from start to finish. Keep up the great work, guys, and good luck in the ADM! ^_^

Wow, what a voice your wife has. Her vocal performance was insanely good.
The composition of this song as well was spot on, kinda like Avril Lavigne meets Evanescence - definitely had that early 2000s feel. I especially enjoyed the bridge of the song.

I feel as though the mix of the chorus could be a bit clearer. I enjoy how it all meshes together, but some elements get just a little lost in my opinion! That being said, I've never myself tried to mix an orchestral metal piece so this is simply from the perspective of myself as a listener.

Really solid track, I enjoyed it a lot and the after-chorus 'oh-oh' is gonna be stuck in my head for the next week! :)

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4.68 / 5.00

Aug 19, 2018
4:48 PM EDT
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