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not yet finished, pretty nice track

wow, not listened to this in ages, is sounding pretty good to my ears, nice rolling groove to it.
that little drop out at around 1:50, well nice. might have to revisit this one... damn my fucked HD


this is actually very very cool

nice unique sound you got going on here, not very catchy, but very pleasing to in many ways, which is why I think it deserves a 10. so it sounds very good, and I love the diversity you got going on here. hope you finish the track soon.

snoballandthmonyshot responds:

'this is actually very very cool'
just like me then...phych:/

This is pretty crazy...

yeah. this track is really pretty insane. there are very jazzy parts, they are tribal-ish parts, there are glitchy parts, and there even some rock-ish parts.
the really great thing about this is that each part is really, really good. and each of the parts fit together, even though there is that one awkward pause between two different moods (or at least i think so :/ ) because its such a nice, slow, groove-y thing going on the whole time.
in fact, my only complaint with the entire song is that there is no real ending... i understand that it certainly builds to a point, then sort of mellows out a bit for awhile, but the length of the mellow part really makes it seem like there would be a second, more glitchy chaotic ending. and there wasn't, and it was kinda dissapointing.

but really, with or without a loud ending this song is really, really good. so great job.

snoballandthmonyshot responds:

thanks for the review,
u noes i like to mix different styles and moods within a track, keeps me interested.
as for the ening, yeh, i really don't like the vocals on it for a start and it is indeed a work in progress, seem to have a lot of them recently, i hope i eventually get to finish em all.


the rhytm in the start does indeed sound very experimental. cool noise snare and stuffs. faint sax is cool, a lil low though. Wah wah wah bass thing. interesting. The track sounds plain weird in my opinion. But it's cool! good stuff

snoballandthmonyshot responds:

plain wierd? yep indeedy:)


haha, bit of a weird one this mate, vey much 'computer music'.

The glitching is ace, i don't like that vocoder/talk synth one bit tho, too much of it and it detracts from the arrangement in the earlier part of the mix.

sort of reviewing on the fly here but the 2nd/3rd phrase of the piece is awesome, with the tablas, sax, and another sitar/guitar line. really mellow stuff. the glitch elements and 808s really compliment the sound here.

a dreamy, breathy harmony would be nice in that section.

haha the guitar in the 4th phrase is really jazzy, a weird choice of notation, too much delay on that vocal mind.

some of the instrument choices i wudnt necessarily make but then again this is your tune so who am i to complain, it's good stuff....one fault i have on it is it does seem to feel like theres 3 or 4 songs all put into one mix, missing a bit of glue. it's hard to make sense of. but the strongest part is definately the 2nd and 3rd phrase of the piece, definatley lose that vocoder synth early on tho.

good stuff mate, it's about a 4/5 in its present state. but cos im nice it's a 5.


snoballandthmonyshot responds:

cheeers matey,
it's not a vocoder and i loves it... maybe does get a bit played but it's the only thing really holding the first half of the track together, will think on it tho...
gonna work on the join where it just cuts out to nothing b4 the sax comes in and build up the next section into more of a section, just starts to get going then it trails out. that might allow me to scrap the 3rd section entirely.
anyways, helpful review, ta


holy awsome song batman. Started out with a sick glitchy type rhythem, some flowing horns came in, then the vox...it remained pretty constant for the remainder of the song, a few pads synth, bass, effected strings..everything just sounds so cool. Jazzy too. There isn't much I can say that would help you...damn it, I've never even heared of you before/seen your music around newgrounds. You're insane. This track is so damn cool...5 5 5 5 5 5 .

snoballandthmonyshot responds:

i've been around for a little while...
for the record, neither am i batman or insane.
thanks new york

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May 11, 2007
7:32 PM EDT
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