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Made for NGUAC K.O. round.

As with almost all of my musics, I first came up with the main melody, and then began building rest of the piece around it.


Time spent working: 73 hours
Total patterns: 222
Unused patterns: 5 million
Grey hairs grown: Funny, I could swear I had brown hair just 2 weeks ago...

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This is absolutely wonderful, I can easily imagine this being the end credits to some great saga. Love it!!

I love the main melody!

Thanks for messaging me about the review because honestly kinda forgot about it :/ college preparations and job has got my mind occupied!

First off, Damn that sounds amazing! it provoked an energetic yet calming vibe throughout the track, and gave off that oldish newgrounds feel (in terms of Djjanner i got some cosmic dreamer vibes off of it, i know its not as aggressive but idk, the ways the drums were done and the little growly bass in the background kinda gave that impression to me) theres nothing that really needs to be refined, however since im trying to make a meaningful review i can give suggestions.

at the beginning the im not sure what flute Vst you are using but it feels like is vibrato is way too forced, as in very dramatic and heavy, maybe like turn it down about 30%? and maybe slightly decrease the attack by about 10%?

At 1:30 it all sounded really great! but i feel like it can be even better if you had a soft running instrument in the background going somewhat with the melody!

i feel at about 2:55-3:00 ish that the filters were too sudden, as if there were gonna be another 4 measures but idk, not really an issue but i didnt expect it to stop like that.

now as i was listening the first time you had my attention completely until about 3:45, i feel like it sounded too much like the other melodies earlier in the song and didnt hook onto me much, maybe add some saucy notes or something to make it more refreshing!

Now is the part where i compliment almost every moment in the song...

the strings at 1:12 1:20 were amazingly done where they werent blaring at you but were just loud enough to add a layer of movement and intensity!

the breaks at 2:14 and 3:01 are pretty fucking breathtaking! like if you want to go for another genre you should try cinematic/ orchestral stuff because i feel like you would do really well for it!

i love the transitional key change at 2:38 the smoothness of it caught me off guard and i was like "did he just raise that semitone?!" and then i was like "yeah he raised them semitones!"

the choir coming in around 3:12 was executed absolutely flawlessly and how they just fade back withing the track was just fantastic!

loved this song alot and hope you continue making stuff like this because you are really talented in this!

Fake score chart
creativity 4.5/5
mixing/mastering 5/5
instrumental choice/use 5/5
enjoyability of the track 5/5
emotional scale: Up
eggs 5/5

anyways looking forward to more stuff from you!

EverReverb responds:

Well, that's a review and a half O_o. Thank you so much! The fact that you managed to find enough time from your busy schedule makes it even better :)

The flute vst is a free one called Sonatina Flute, which, despite being pretty great unfortunately doesn't have vibrato control :P

I agree that the breakdown at 3 min mark feels too sudden, I guess I could've used more risers / falls to make the transition a bit more natural.

And yeah I was afraid that the section starting at 3:45 did feel a somewhat boring compared to the rest of the track.

Thank you again for such an informative review. Really how could I not keep going after so motivational reviews :)

I like the majestic orchestral sound at the beginning and the sense of climax into :22. The melody at :22 is nice, and the mix is strong and clear without being overly-compressed. The oscillation between relaxed and energetic sections in the piece is great, but occasionally the transitions between them are a bit abrupt (2:12 and 3:01, for example). Well-balanced texture and frequencies overall. The super quiet and emotional breakdown at 3:01 is something I didn’t really see coming, but it really helped you maximize the dynamic contrast in this piece. I think occasionally the instrumentation here is a bit cheesy, especially with the synths, but overall I don’t really have many complaints with the sound design either. The pacing of the piece can be a bit slow, relying on big changes every certain length of time instead of gradual ebbs and flows within the phrase. Overall, though, the piece comes together really well with the extended climactic section towards the end. The transitions and shape of the piece are the two elements I think need the most work. Strong effort overall, though! Keep at it, EverReverb. :)

Mixing, mastering, and balance
Structure, transitions, phrasing, and variety
Melody, tonality, harmony, and texture
Instrumentation and sound design
Emotion, atmosphere, and catchiness
Originality and uniqueness
Overall (how do the elements above interact?)
Composite score

EverReverb responds:

Thanks for immensively detailed review once again :) And thank you for hosting and arranging NGUAC for the fifth (?) time!

Cheesiness was indeed something that i was afraid of, but in the end I just had to embrace it :P

now this is a true d&b song

EverReverb responds:

Thanks mate ^^!

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4.37 / 5.00

Aug 8, 2018
12:01 AM EDT
Drum N Bass
File Info
12.9 MB
5 min 38 sec

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