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Submission for the N G U A C Knock-out Round 2018

I was on vacation while making this track so I had didn't have my computer with all my sounds presets and plugins. So I had no other choice than to use all of the standard fl studio plugins and sounds and to make my own presets.

Plugins Used:

Samples used:
FL studio samples
custom made samples

So here it is. A chiptune house thingy track. I have no idea what to call this genre there are so many things going on in this song.

I think I worked like 16 hours on this track atleast.


Chords: (if anyone is interested)

Cmaj9 D#maj9 add(#5)

Cm7 D# Fmaj

Cm7 D#maj7 Fmaj

Cmaj7 D#maj7

Cmaj7 D#maj7

Fmaj7 G#maj7

Fmaj7 G#maj7

Cmaj9 D#maj9 add(#5)

Cmaj9 D#maj9 add(#5) G add(2)

Cmaj9 Cm(maj9)


D#maj7 Cm D#maj7 Cm G#maj7 G#m(maj7)

Gm Gm7 G#maj9/13 G#m Gm7 G#sus2(b5)

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Este música me gusta mucho =) ,Haces un buen trabajo sigue así <3

Nostalgic and fun!

This is a cool blend between EDM and chiptunes, and I like it!

In terms of composition, all of the sections are well established. I like that you change up the instrumentation a little bit (leaving the bass out for a little bit, changing up the rhythm of the kick, bringing in the side-chained synth, etc.) to help signal the shift in song sections. The simple melodies help lay the foundation for that peppy and upbeat tone with a dash of jazzy dissonance. I especially like the part at 2:27 with a melody that keeps trying to climb up but keeps descending, very cool. It gives a certain happy, but unsteady feeling. My only complaint with the composition is that I struggle to find the story the song is telling. The whole track would work great in a MegaMan game as the theme for a sky level, but the layout of the sections makes it feel more like a song that I should find on an album rather than a game. That said, the composition is still well done!

Talking mix, there is a nice blend of a lot of instruments going on. On my little laptop speakers (which I love because they truly show if I've mixed something well since they're so limited) the song felt a little empty. Once I plugged my headphones in, I found that you have a lot of bass riffs going on both with the sawtooth (if I'm correct) wave and a bass guitar. I'm curious to hear what you mixed the track with in terms of speakers. Did you use headphones or monitors or something else? The sawtooth bass was giving me some high frequency issues on my headphones, but overall, I was able to hear everything clearly on headphones and studio monitors.

Loving the instrumentation, by the way. It's really cool how you change up what kind of bass is playing in the different sections. I love that electric piano sound that comes in at 0:44; it gives it a classic sound that quickly develops into something a little more modern. My only complaint is the drums. There's something that just sounds a little one dimensional to me. I'm not sure if it sounds like the drums are playing in the same space as everything else, or (and this is my personal opinion) the drums just don't match the genre that's going on in some of the song. The snare (which actually sounds a little more like a clap) may not be meshing with the chiptune stuff going on in the forefront of the song. Just something to consider, the drums match that EDM style well, but the song may benefit from switching up the drum kit throughout the song as well, touching on the more modern EDM side and the retro chiptune side.

All in all, the song is really cool! I really like your stuff and want to keep hearing more! Keep up the great work! :)

Poosac responds:

awesome review! thank you so much!

From the jump I thought it was weird that you put your chords in the description, but after listening to this I can see why you thought they were worth mentioning. Your progression is really, really interesting and there's a lot of interesting twists and turns. The style and genre (UHN TISS UHN TISS) really isn't my thing, but given the intelligence and effort behind this track I really don't want to let my bias get in the way of my judging here. If I would take points off for anything it might be a lack of emotional impact - which again might be part of my bias since house and chiptune music aren't known for being particularly heartfelt or cathartic.

STABS <333

Poosac responds:


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4.38 / 5.00

Aug 7, 2018
4:11 AM EDT
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