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Relax a bit with this new piece! This one's a little airy and a change a pace from the rest of the album! Topaz releases on 9/24! Check out this page for more info:
Let's play a game with this song, I'd like you to figure out what the time signature is, if you can figure it out I'll give you an internet cookie!
Oopsies, I didn't export at 320kbps my b. I'll change that quick!

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I personally like the dissonant notes. I'm used to listening to Neotonal music, so I don't really think of them as dissonant, more like notes that...Lead (pun intended) you to the note afterwards: A leading tone.

I did enjoy the piece though, makes me want to go back writing electronic music again.

My guess would be 2/4.

TeraVex responds:

Thanks for the feedback! I knew going in it may cause some people to not like the piece but I kept it in anyway. To me it placed emphasis on the intimidating nature of space. Also, you totally should! You compositions are always great listens!

Great piece overall! I love listening to more calm pieces with nice atmosphere to them.

Progression is nice, especially with the chord arps you happen to use for them, probably my favorite part of the piece if the beginning because of that specific aspect. Just sounds really nice alone and slowly layering in.

The almost cybernetic swoops throughout the piece are a good addition to the song, though I feel like they could have been used a bit better. They each have a pulse-like aspect to them that takes away from the chords and even the lead which pulls me from the song. Otherwise maybe soften their hits up a bit and put them a little more frequently?

The lead... probably by biggest peeve about this song. Sounds really nice with the chords themselves, instrument choice is on point. What bugs me is that half of the notes are dissonant with the chords. In a calm atmospheric song, dissonance isn't what you want, as it takes away from the calm aspect. But when the lead did match the chords, oml it sounded amazing. Other little bit is the abrupt start/ending for the lead. Just a bit choppy on both ends.

The ending is also a bit bland. Yes, I like the chords a ton, but just a progression without changing the amount of chords in and out with layering it seems bland for the amount of time it was alone. The ending was also a little bit abrupt, especially with it ending with a cyber swoop. The last swoop isn't needed, and the chords could have faded out a bit better. Just things for the future.

Oh... my guess for the time signature too... 6/4 or 12/8 (My gut says 12/8, but could be either :3)

Hope my insights help! ^-^

- SlashDaUmbreon AKA Shasowscape

TeraVex responds:

Thanks for the feedback my man! The dissonance was intentional, as it's supposed to emphasize the grandiose, intimidating nature of space. I knew going in that some may not like it, and it's good you told me you didn't, I'll try to make it a little more approachable for all ears whenever I do a piece with a lot of dissonance. (Also, your PM with your corrected answer was correct! I felt like seeing if anyone could pick up on it!)

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