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Fight for the truth

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Author Comments

- This is my submission to the N G U A C Knock-out Round 2018 -

If there is one thing I love then it's orchestral music for video games and movies. They are not always in the spotlight but rather also a mood setter and atmosphere bringer to the scene. In this track I wanted to create a mix of putting the music in the spotlight and in the backround. I hope I achived that goal and that you will enjoy it!

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Wow this was an amazing piece here and some really good vibe behind it I think I heard some flute sounds even but honestly that's one of the little things that made this fun and entertaining it has this quality of sound that just comes at you with some good pulse and rythem I do wish to hear much more work from you because you have some really nice talent and it shows strong so anyways hope to hear more from you sometime soon


Holy crap! This was amazing. I felt in Game of Thrones or something like that. I really feel this song hit the nail on every aspect. Following, it's such a privilege to be on the same underdog category as you!

yea basically this was really good and the other guys mentioned every issue i had (esp. the lack of cymbals). missing a bit of high end presence from the woodwinds, the breathy passages don't really breathe enough for my liking y'know? also i feel like it hung on the same chords too much for the first couple minutes but the development coming into the climax was magical. almost every aspect of this is absolutely dripping with intent and subtlety. enjoyed this one a lot!

I like the airy piano at the beginning and the majestic string swells. Pacing of the piece is really good. Slow, but with interesting rhythmic components that create an engaging syncopated element to the texture. The string samples don’t sound particularly authentic, but the high level of emotion by around :50 was nice. I almost wanted the pause at 1:06 to last longer. Nice sense of suspense and foreboding throughout this piece. The flute/piccolo at 1:43 or so is a great touch, too. Occasionally, the transitions in this piece could’ve been smoother, notably at 1:51. The warm sound of the strings at 2:15 was great, and the re-intro at 2:25 helped provide a solid base for the final climax of the piece. The harmonic shift at 2:59 was a great addition to the texture, too. I especially liked the punchy strings at 3:12 in the lead-up to 3:35. The descending line at 3:57 leaves the foreboding element of the mood unresolved at the end, a risky yet tasteful choice. Production quality is great, too. Loud, clear mix throughout. My main complaints are limited to some minor concerns about the instrumentation and a couple of less-than-smooth transitions. Keep up the great work, Lukiaffe!

Mixing, mastering, and balance
Structure, transitions, phrasing, and variety
Melody, tonality, harmony, and texture
Instrumentation and sound design
Emotion, atmosphere, and catchiness
Originality and uniqueness
Overall (how do the elements above interact?)
Composite score

Smooth piece. Would recommend a stronger, less twangy articulation on your solo cello in that intro. Instructors I've had constantly harped on that unless it was expressly directed -- and even then, strong articulations.

This piece as a whole is quite well written. The only real issues are mixing and panning, other than a few synth articulations, which I believe are fairly minor.

0:48 is a great drive. At 1:05 I was expecting to be driven over the cliff -- may apply some more dissonance here, a chunky low swell (think Rite of Spring's violation of lower interval limits for effect), or possibly even a hybrid transition. Timpani roll sustained would also function well here, with a crash on the end.

I would definitely like some cymbal play throughout. I feel this is what the track is missing.

Pan flute sounds great!

1:18, the nylon guitar that enters sounds... very robotic and dry. I would humanize the attack milleseconds so it doesn't sound so gridlocked. Also recommend Ample Sound's free AGML -- think it's a Taylor, for its key switches and chuckas, which would have been useful as aux percussion.

2:53 is a wonderful modulation. Love that. Timpani roll and cymbal finally comes in not long after, and we are greeted with sweet little arps. This is what I have been waiting for. Now, just waiting on that conclusion.

3:54, swelling, and... oh, what is this? Ta takita ta takita, etc. -- if you haven't looked up Indian rhythmic solfeggio, Ben Levin does a nice overview on that. I was very much not expecting this section to be over so soon, at least not without another moment like 3:09 or 3:11.

Overall, great piece. Really enjoyed it. Some things I would fix once you get the chance, this track is very boxy in the low-mids and lacks a bit of presence in the high register. At points, low mids (like 3:57) are the most prominent part of your track, with very little breath to make up for it. Other portions, pounding percussion sounds like it's in a totally separate soundspace from the very spacious strings and other instruments. I notice this as well with the nylon guitar.

Otherwise, great. Thanks for coming out to NGUAC!

lukiaffe responds:

Thank you a lot for this genuine and helpful feedback. I aspire to become a serious music composer and listening to this feedback is great! I am amazed how little I know the more I read your feedback, I have yet so many things to learn. It inspires me so thank you. Some things you mention is due to the deadline I had with the contest. I was originally making another piece but due to my own mistake I had to abandon that track for this contest and decided to quickly try and make another piece which became this. Doesn't matter now, I'm content with what I managed to do in this timespam. Cheers!

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4.30 / 5.00

Aug 6, 2018
1:33 PM EDT
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4 min 25 sec

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