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EDIT [8-7-18] : I added some thunder samples for Mich because I lurvs him, yes I do.
EDIT II [8-22-18] : Front paged, thanks <3

A supercell is a thunderstorm characterized by a deep, persistently rotating updraft. Of the four classifications of thunderstorms, supercells are overall the least common and have the potential to be the most severe.

Cloud formations are becoming a very important staple in my life because of hang gliding. Certain kinds of clouds can help you pin point thermals, rising pockets of hot air, that can keep you afloat to extend your flights. Other clouds such as supercells can roll in or develop suddenly and kill you. Gotta look out for those damned supercells :C

Sorry for making a paragon-esque luquid DNB intro then switching over to drum step like some kind of electro Hitler youth. I just couldn't for the life of me make a coherent track. My dead ancestors would be rolling over in their graves.

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I nearly fainted when I thought I heard copyrighted Pendulum snare samples -- thank God I checked the reviews and it's just a sample pack.

This is crazy in a good way. My only complaint is slight sibilance, what sounds like really, really hard compression, and relatively no sub-bass to give those drums something to lock us into. I had to turn things down a bit to enjoy fully but still can't tell if that phantom pain in my left ear is from listening to this at 50% volume or not. These ATH-M40x's monitor headphones drive ridiculously hard and have a very flat response, no bass boost, so it's possible this may sound better on some commercial gear.

I'm actually listening on 8% volume right now and it's at the sweet spot between crisp and uncomfortably loud with that perc.

Compositionally, a great piece that keeps me guessing. I'm not a huge fan of the piano -- I could have gone for a more muted, foom-y lead with some delay, perhaps even an octave lower with higher octave doubled stab synths in places for effect. It would sound much more pensive and ominous. I do love the creative approach to sound design in general though.

That descending synth at 0:11 was pretty uncomfortably sibilant to me on my first listen. Maybe supplement it with a sine or ramp bass drop.

I think the piano leads may be a bit too loud, and perhaps that's why I'm not perceiving the bass as well. I took time for a second listen -- let's be honest, it still keeps me on my toes even after a third time through; you're very good with this, one reason of many I appreciate your genre switchups. Each time I noticed the piano leads, which don't really have an overarching melody, seemed even louder than the drums and bass combined. There's really nothing in that sonic space to compete with them either, so they seem doubly loud.

Other than that though, fantastic work. Congrats on the fp!

Quarl responds:

Woohoo, adr reviews!

Lol, 8% volume?? I must be deaf. I force myself to lower from max volume because my ears don't work that well and I dont want to make them worse. 8%, you ear saving person you.

It might be time I get some new cans. I've had the same AKGs for a number of years now. Id get some decent monitors but am currently living in an RV. The boyfriend and I will be getting a house soon though and 100 spare monitors will be the first things I buy.

Copy written Pendulum snares? They spam amen breaks, they dont own those fonts XD

[Super belated EDIT 2019-01-11: whoa, we can edit and delete our own reviews now? Sweet. Also nice thunder. <3]

Literally interpreting the title, I half expected some rain and thunder samples in the intro/outro for dramatic effect, but then dramatic isn't generally your style. I do think it could add a cool dimension, particularly in the breakdown before the "drop", some distant low pass rumbling or something.

Honestly impressed by Avizura picking out the Pendulum samples, I definitely couldn't identify 'em.

I like the mood set by the piano in the intro, and how it builds up by further padding out its melody; it contributes to the build as much as the addition of drums and other samples in the intro. When the latter drop away and the LFO-laden synth becomes the only thing to back the piano, it feels like the calm before the storm, that sudden lack of wind or rain before the thunderstorm is about to really start off. I like the restraint in mix level on that LFO-y synth too, because personally when I put a bunch of effort into carefully modulating stuff, I automatically want to make sure it's properly heard; the subtlety really helps the atmosphere.

In the drop I'm met with signature Quarl reeses. I don't know exactly what it is about them, but whenever I hear them I know beyond a doubt it's a Quarl track. Might be the way you take the resonance all the way up into that squelchiness, without turning it into a deafening ringing mess. Definitely an interesting patch.

[Damnit I was going to drop a quick 2 paragraph at most review on this and get on with my day.]

The chorus/drop (what do you even call these things in songs that aren't just verse/chorus/verse/chorus etc?) works well, repeating the same pattern a few times and then re-introducing that piano for continuity at the right time. The outro works well too.

One small touch I liked was the general midi "ah" sample found on basically every cheap rompler keyboard (the kind you hit "sound", and then punch in a 3 digit number)'s drum kit.

Anyhow, ace track Quarl. Short and sweet, and still chock-full with work to keep stuff varied all over the place. You work definitely never sounds lazy to my ears.

Quarl responds:

I added some thunder for you lover.

For what it is, it is 5 stars. It is well produced, and nothing clashes, etc.
I like the piano, the melody and the beat.
However, the synth you used starting at 1:31, it just doesn't strike my "love-it nerve." It's just not my cup of tea, haha.
Great song, though!

Quarl responds:

I know what you mean. It has that old school saw reese sound that went out of style in the 2000's. We understand each other :p

I think you did a wonderful job in making the two styles work together.
It sounds very unique and interesting.

Also, Pendulum samples?? ;-)


Quarl responds:

Half of the snare drum is made up of two snare drums from a Pendulum sample folder. That's it though. The other two layers came from Reasons built in sound bank. You have a ridiculously good ear if you can hear that.

The instruments that don't rely on drum samples are all Reason 10 synths and Orkester sound banks. Honestly, I do appreciate getting compared to Pendulum. I love listening to Rob Swire from time to time <3 <3

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4.25 / 5.00

Aug 6, 2018
10:43 AM EDT
Drum N Bass
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3 min 23 sec

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