Avizura - Break The Silence

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-Break The Silence-

Drum N Bass-hybrid track
Made in Reason 8.3 with sampled waveforms from the Roland JV-1080.


If you'd like to use this in an animation/game or anything else, please contact me. Feel free to use this in GD (but give credit)


I love this sound. I can fault paint drying though so I'll just say that the melodic synth from 00:25 to 00:47 might have a little too much focus in the mix and the moments of silence, especially 1:46, I'm not a fan of. Other than those gripes everything here is super fun and awesome. I love that break down, cool tempo stutter. Sounds are nice and clean.

Those captain falcon-esque guitar riffs. I have no idea what to call them xD

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AvizuraNG responds:

Youre right about the mixdown, I'll have another mixing session soon.
Glad you liked it !

Really enjoyed this track Avizura!

It has been a long time brother (idk if you remember me I used to go by "dj sonik" or "sonik"). Your music has really progressed over the past few years man, I'm incredible impressed with the progress I'm hearing.

Overall can't fault anything here, this is fantastic af.

AvizuraNG responds:

Yeah man, I do remember you!
Thanks for the review, I'll soon check-out some of your recent stuff too !

Dang! Very awesome!

Piano hook is great, mix is in great balance, and the song overall is pretty freakin' cool!

I like the melody that plays throughout the majority of the song, it is relatively simple, but each repetition changes a little bit. I wish it was a little bit more hummable/singable because as I walked away from my computer after a listen, the rhythm was stuck in my head more than the melody. The guitar voicing is sooooo cool! I need to know what you used. It's very reminiscent of the Megaman X instrumentation, especially when it plays the melody at the end.

However, I think the song could benefit from changing up the B section a bit more. The melody is too close to the A section that I couldn't hear much a difference my first few listens through. The guitar stuff is freaking awesome, but my ears were itching for a different melody. The problem with the melodies being so similar is that it made the loud parts feel like they were just one big section, rather than several different sections that were all loud. My ears felt like the quiet parts were just as long as the loud parts (even though they weren't) just because the amount of melodic content was the same.

Mix is great! I think the piano is at a perfect volume because it is almost as loud as the rest of the song, but it doesn't FEEL like it is just as loud. The drums and bass are strong, but leave plenty of space for the melodies to shine through.

I like the section with the swing, but it feels abrupt getting there and doesn't hold a lot of story implication to me. I found myself wondering why the swing was there except just to vary up the song. To me, a swing makes the song feel more loose and makes me want to dance. So, be aware of the "story" being told with your songs as you're writing them. (or arranging them)

All in all, fantastic work! I've listened to it probably ten times by now because it gets me pumped! Keep up the great work! :D

AvizuraNG responds:

Thanks for the long and well worded review!

The guitar is just 1 sample, which I think came from an old AMG sample CD or maybe it was the Universe Of Sounds library from the E-MU Emulator 2 (idk, I have a bunch of sample CDs ripped to my HDD). And then I just fed it through an amp simulator. The mutes are created using the filter on the NN-XT. I've used an envelope to shape the filter's movement and the velocity controls how much the filter opens up.

I think you're right about the B section, I still use a lot of the standard DnB conventions when creating tracks (very often it's just the exact same piece of music after the breakdown with an added outro for djs).

the volume is fine
although.. compared to your synth.. the piano is a bit loud, or the synth is a bit soft compared to your piano - perhaps some lowering of the piano to make the rest appear louder
percussion is a bit flat as well - it feels muted - as do the guitars somewhat.

I like the ethereal addition to the piano in the second half - really sets the mood! The tempo slowing and then the slightly altered melody with that bit of stuttering.. I dunno.. it just didn't really do it for me.. personal taste I suppose.

But yeah, def. needs work, but I like where you are going with it :)


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AvizuraNG responds:

Will Def. Look into that. Thanks for the criticism!
Glad you like where it's going

As I've already said, fantastic stuff :D

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AvizuraNG responds:

Thank you very much! ;-)

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Jul 24, 2018
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Drum N Bass
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