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I tried a lot of new things with mixing and mastering, and I learned a lot. My goal this contest is to try something new and crazy different every single round.

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--- === NGADM Round 1 Review === ---
Mostly interesting throughout, I enjoyed the rhythm of the more vibrant parts.

I found the intro interesting. Sadly the melody at 1:08 came out of nowhere and I quickly lost interest as nothing seemed to fit together any more. It's somewhat well produced except for a strange gap created by the reverb - the piece sounds like it's 2 separate songs playing at the same time. There's a battle between the space for the melodic content and the percussion.

This submission just kind of fell apart in every direction. I'm sorry, I wish I had more positive things to say.

Scores are weighted so that comp and prod are 75% of the score:
Composition: 5
Production: 5
Enjoyment, atmosphere, replay and all the other odd stuff: 5

I like the quirky synth at the beginning and the cold-sounding pads that come in shortly after. The progression started out sounding like a cartoonish winter morning, but the strings at :15 and the distorted piano adds a bit of a dark tilt to the mood. I love the loud, crisp drums. The transition at 1:04 was a tad sudden, but the melodic content there was pretty good. I was a little confused about the mood at that point, because of my interpretation of the sound design earlier, but on second listen I realized that the chord progression sounds really cheery, so idk if the foreboding elements of the texture are just in my head or what. The string solo at 1:50 was nice melodically, but not the most authentic-sounding instrument. Interesting combo with those quirky pads, too. Sometimes, the texture of the piece comes across as quite experimental, and 1:50 is one of those moments for me. The production quality is strong, though, and the breakdown at 2:59 where the pads are really exposed seemed fitting. Cool piece overall. Still not sure how it makes me feel, but maybe I'm reading too much into some of the sound design decisions you made. Keep at it, Seprix, and good luck in the ADM!

Seprix responds:

I do like weirding it up, expect more of the same if I advance.

Nice to try but the piano crations sounds better :P
It's fantastic and interesting :D
Many success for the other new songs :)


Wow, i'm automatically intrigued with all the entrances. Thought the bass could hold back a bit when the synth soli comes in. but its really awesome. love the violin part. Haha and the stabs do sound very cute. happy deathmatch :])

This is cool. I like the detuned pianos, they have a really neat atmosphere. Also the string stabs sort of sound like christmas :D

Seprix responds:

Yeah the Christmas thing is too true, it's also July so it's thematic

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4.23 / 5.00

Jul 22, 2018
7:00 PM EDT
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