All Was Lost, But That The Heavens Fought


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Oh, I see we are moving at a higher, professional level of a composition.

5/5 rating for the awesome melody you composed. It was really exciting to listen to it and triggered me listening to the full length of the work.

Here are some tips and suggestions from my side for your future works:

- Since it is some kind of goal to make a soundtrack like that sound as realistic as possible, you should work more with reverb and hall effects. Imagine, that the orchestra plays in a really big concert hall, or score stage. If you play more with hall effects, the track will sound more organic itself.

- It sounds like you placed all played instruments in the center. You should inform yourself how an orchestral band is build-up and where the instruments are placed it.
You should put some instruments more in the side (left or right), to make your song sound more surrounding.

- You should try to separate first and second instruments. Put some instruments in the background and some other's in the foreground (solist instruments for example).

- This is a bit related to what I just said about the first and second instruments. Since you literally only used first instruments, the actionful part of the song went a bit noisy.

But in general, this one was very nice to listen and I give it a rating of 4.5

Omson responds:

Thank you very much for this detailed review! I guess you're totally right, I focussed on the melody so much I forgot the orchestral arrangement.. I will consider your tips in my future projects for sure :D

--- === NGADM Round 1 Review === ---
This is a really powerful piece of music that builds and builds. I really enjoyed the melodies, feeling and "epic" feeling but a few things bothered me...

The introduction is lovely and gentle but introduces the theme well and leaves a lot of dynamic room for the louder section. You used all the instruments effectively, the way you played with the polyphony of the strings was very pleasing to me. They payoff at 1:30 was awesome and a huge highlight! Super powerful.

Sadly my experience was marred by the drums not quite fitting in with the rest of the mix (louder and in a different space to the rest) and the strange glitch(?) at the very end. If it's not a glitch then it sounds completely out of place to me and if it is a glitch then it needs to be fixed!

The feeling I got from this piece was greater than the sum of its parts. Congrats - I really enjoyed this.

Scores are weighted so that comp and prod are 75% of the score:
Composition: 8
Production: 5 (glitch and drums)
Enjoyment, atmosphere, replay and all the other odd stuff: 9

Dang dude, this is really good. Epic cinematic stuff. Great melody too :D

The beginning sounds lovely, if a little subdued. Plenty of space for climax and contrast, and the waveform display is already getting me excited. XD You certainly came through with the emotional height once the flurry of strings started at around :45. I like the rich texture and the crisp percussion from there. The sound design is especially good here. Timely entry of the choir later in the piece, too. My only compositional complaint is that the transition at 2:28 sounded a tad sudden. Then, the little electronic whirring after it sounded a bit out-of-place in this otherwise very orchestral composition. That said, stellar work overall. You really sold the drama with this one. Good luck in the ADM! ^_^

Omson responds:

Hey, thank you very much! I know it is ending pretty abruptly, this is because I already had a second part of the track which made the whole song more than 4 minutes long. Some parts are very complex and the submission deadline was getting closer, so I decided to cut away this part for NGADM so it'll be in time. A second version will be released asap :)

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Jul 22, 2018
11:48 AM EDT
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