Gaero - Blood Haiku

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My entry for the 1st round of NGADM 2018.

Heavy bass, crunchy drums, melodic breaks and drops. A lot of time went into designing the drums and leads, as well as achieving a somewhat realistic sounding piano (FL Keys lmao)

Make sure you're listening on decent speakers, since bass does play an important role in my music :)

Please let me hear your opinions

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This is an official NGADM '18 Round 1 Review:

Beginning Comments: Pretty hopping dance/house song. Sounds pretty decent but here's the breakdown

Production and Mixing: So right from the beginning it's super heavy and fun with the bass, but it's for the most part clean. However, it seems like when the mix gets loud at 0:56 I feel like I'm overwhelmed by everything in the sub and bass range. There was so much of it that it took up the whole track and didn't allow for the rest of the instruments you have to have the atmoshpere they need. Aside from the loud points, the mixing overall was carefully done I thought, and you do good job of balancing when you're tying not to be all up in my face, but when it was loud I felt like it wasn't maintained as well. 2:23 felt like not only was the bass and kick loud, but then you managed to try to overlay a lead on already loud elements. I can tell by your waveforms up above that you were relying heavily on the compressor to try to keep everything from clipping instead of leaving a ceiling for sound and bringing up the levels with a multi band compressor or something. The mix wasn't bad, but it felt a little tiring to the ears.

Composition and Structure: It's simple and catchy. But in terms of the melodies or leads I was never felt captured by what was going on. I was more interesting in listening to the sound design of the chords and other background details since my attention waned a little bit. The dynamics were handled well so you show good skill there. Nothing much else to comment on though. Nothing bad.

Sound Design: Pretty decent sound choices. They fit the genre well and don't do a bad job setting the tone you're going for. They're nothing too spectacular, or rather there wasn't anything that wowed me but they create an atmoshpere I enjoy.

Ending Comments: A lot of the scoring for this is consistent across the categories. You know how to make a good song, but I never thought there was anything ever really good about this track. I didn't have many big issues with the song aside from some production things, but there was nothing that I felt was underselling the track aside from a slightly shallow composition. A good attempt though.


Total - 7.25
Production - 1.25
Sound Design - 1.5
Composition - 1.5
Structure - 1.5
Replay - 1.5

Love it man, some really catchy sections :) Piano and drums are great !

I like the gritty bass and fun melodic riffs. The climax into :30 was great, but led nowhere. The section after it is still pretty cool, if different, but I don't think you did a good job of leading into the section at :50. The production is solid here. Lot of interesting work with the panning that keeps the stereoscape sounding fresh. The breakdown at 1:38 served you well structurally. I like the bright piano that comes in shortly after and the build-up into 2:22. The piece has a lot of distinct sections that don't feel very well-connected at times. I'm left simultaneously wanting more harmonic depth within certain sections and less structural variety overall. The sound design, production, and mood were my favorite elements of the piece. Texture seems well-balanced and progression is generally smooth. Keep at it, Ggaero, and good luck in the ADM!

ggaero responds:

Thanks for the in-depth review! I agree with your criticism concerning the choppiness of the songs sectional structure. In my eyes this is mostly a tool i use to keep the listener entertained, maybe even surprised - i can see how it can be seen as a deficit though. Thanks again!

You know how to tell a story! 😍

ggaero responds:

:) Thank you

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4.25 / 5.00

Jul 22, 2018
8:16 AM EDT
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