Celtic Dreams

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Rough Draft. It's in 13/8, not nearly finished yet. Review (tips?) be fair!!!

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very nice

This a very nice piece.
You may want to try creating more rythems and transitions to expand the length of the song, or something similar.


I am honestly suprisd this doesn't have a 5/5. This really reminds me of my faint Irish heritage.

It sounds truly Celtic, and I can just imagine Ireland listening to this song.

Very Original sound!

The song sounds very Celtic, as such your title and goal match your song. Good job on this.

13/8 is a really really really difficult meter to write to, and I commend you on doing this well. The unique and uneven (4/8 is even for example) meter gives it a driving sound that pulls the song forward and creates interest in what is coming next.

I really like the ending of the song. I will say that more can be added to the song. especially since the ending has a peak of intensity, and allowing some falling motion would increase the effect.

Over all great job! keep it up, and if you want to collaborate on something let me know.

ProfessorChaos22 responds:

Hey man thanks for the review. I really wanted to write in a really fucked up time signature because I rarely do, so I took the time (with a metronome) and figured out a few simple melodies in 13/8, and it worked farely well. None of the is MIDI, it's all straight from the keyboard. It isn't nearly finished though, the intense part is only about halfway through the song, It's probably not even going to fit, as with many of my epic pieces. I'll review some of your stuff soon, I'm always up for collaborations.
Thanks again!

why 13/8...?

peculiar, makes for a unique sound. Celtic music. sounds like that would be fun to try. Where is the bagpipe and pan flute, only with those instruments can the dance around the sacrificial fire pit commence. The drum fill you used in the intro and at the end was off, try just having it do eigth notes, it sounds rushed at the start of the pattern.

Other than that, yea, good work

Nice to hear some melodious music coming out of the ap

ProfessorChaos22 responds:

Wh 13/8 you ask, purely for a challenge. I always write music in the normal 4/4 3/4 12/8 6/8 and so forth. So I composed a melody in 13/8 to see what it sounds like. The drum fills were sextuplets (or triplets in the 8th=1 sense), but they were quantized and yes I wanted them to rush the sound a little. It's not nearly done yet, the 2nd section is in 4/4. I am currently writing a pan flute part, and I can't find any good bag pipe sounds, so that is on hold .
Thanks for the review!


Let's see, then.

Indeed, it's celtic. That's a good thing, i like celtic stuff!

The snare(?) at the beginning, is a bit loud. The reverb, however, gives some "strength" to it.

The violin and flutes are high-quality, obviously, and the melody is very celtic. No problem, here.

After that, my main complaint is the fact that the brasses aren't loud enough.

You used many percs. Good point for the variety.

Also, just before the end, very good crescendo. However, the fade-out is not long enough. The music stops a bit abruptly.

I think i said everything. Other than the volume issues i stated, very nice stuff! I think you deserve a 5.

ProfessorChaos22 responds:

Thanks for the review and tips and not being immature about it, I appreciate it! I agree about the brass, in the 2nd section I'm working on is all about the brass. It is not nearly done yet, but I'm trying to find the right sound for the low end brass and a good trumpet part during the melody. The final will be over 5 minutes long, this is just a short preview.
Thanks again!

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May 7, 2007
5:06 PM EDT
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