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21 Days of VGM - Day 1: Give It Everything You've Got (Final Boss Theme)

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Author Comments

Randomly probably my favorite thing I've ever done musically?

Those fast arpeggios were brutal to play on guitar, holy crap. I'm really stoked on this one though. I think it would make an AMAZING final boss theme. And I HAVE to do something more with this song one day. I hope other people enjoy this one as much as I do, cause I think it's killer. It's also a loop.

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Woah! Totally rocks!

Those guitars have such a strong progressive rhythm and they work really well with the leads playing those arpeggios! The drums compliment nicely, but could use some fills to liven it up here and there.

The composition is good, but it feels like just a start. You've got a nice progression of chords being arpeggiated and you transition them very smoothly into the whole metal band instrumentation. However, I feel like the whole song is just an A section. You have a great start to a song, but my ears were hungry for it to go somewhere. If its a song, have the lead guitars switch to playing a melody that is singable/hummable. Something that contrasts nicely will really help differentiate the section from the first. For example, maybe the rhythms are doing something similar to the part at 1:01, but you have a guitar playing a melody that consists of longer, more drawn out notes. (and maybe a lick of two or three quick notes in between the longer notes) If you lean towards more of a backing track for a game, I would lean more towards giving the composition some space in terms of melody. Have the leads drop what they're doing and just let the rhythm instruments drive the song for a few measures. Going down to just the rhythm guitars, bass, and drums can really push that intense feeling of motion and urgency while leaving room for the lead guitars to come back in later with a hummable/singable melody.

In terms of mix, the guitars are blended fairly nicely. I can hear what both the rhythms and leads are doing pretty clearly, but they both overpower the drums and bass a bit. I can hardly hear a kick drum at all (and I'm playing the music on a set of Harbinger PA speakers) and the snare is only a little louder than that. I recommend searching through the audio spectrum on your guitars to find a little more breathing room for the drums. (solo your guitar and turn it way down, go into your EQ plugin and make a strong boost in a small but not tiny frequency range, and slowly slide it back and forth while listening to the guitar to find where you can cut the guitar to make room in the mix) Primarily, I think the kick needs a boost in the high range so we can really hear the attack.

I like the tone of all the instruments you have! Lead guitars are nice and juicy, rhythms are thick and clear, synths are smooth! Again, the drums are lacking in this department too, but I understand the difficulty of using midi drums from a VST. It's difficult, but doable. I have a track that I'm fairly proud of titled "Okay" that used a VST kit if you want an example.

In short, I think you're onto something totally freaking awesome! Write some more sections, beef up those drums, and put together a badass track and send it to me so I can listen! :D Keep up the awesome work!

JoobieDoobieDoo responds:

That's a lot of feedback. It's great the song inspired so many words from you. I can 100% see your perspective, in how the composition seems a little bit samey. Keep in mind, this whole project was done in one day, in one single sitting for the 21 Days Of VGM challenge. Cramming this much in one day, you're bound to have some things that could maybe be improved. There is actually a B-Section though. The section that comes out from the drop out to just portamento lead and pads, is an entirely different set of chords and arpeggios. Though, your perspective that it is also samey is one I can understand, it IS similar in tone. The Groove drives more of an 8th note feel though. Where as the rest of the loop is more syncopation around the quarter note pulse.

The mix, I'm there with ya. This was forced to be done in a day. What are ya gonna do haha I could've sidechained the R Guitars to the kick too. I could've dealt with some of the harshness of the leads. I could've sidechained R Guitars to snare. I could've added some subs to the kick. I could've saturated the master more and compressed the mix more, than added some of the transients back with a some high mids-highs eq. Time was unfortunately not a privilege I had with this one. So a lot got left behind. It was all just "GO GO GO". That being said, I stand by the loop. I think with the two quieter sections and B-Section, there is enough movement in the piece to function without compositional changes.

Either way, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thank you. And I'm glad you care enough to try and assist fellow musicians and offer your opinion and tips. You rock!

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Jul 15, 2018
2:48 PM EDT
Heavy Metal
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6.5 MB
2 min 52 sec

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