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Encompasses so much a title wouldn't do it justice anyway.

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I like it

Thanks for shairing this and keep up the good work

Karco responds:

Glad you liked it, thanks!

so much to say ....

yet i cant say any thing at all thats able to tell how good...no thats not it...how well its....no, not that ether, and i can say alot about any thing, its that....that....ahg!still nothing to say about it.

Karco responds:

Well, don't feel bad - I felt similarly about the title and the description. :) It's an old song, but thanks anyway for the review.


are you moving to the classical genre?
well, so far, I like it. I like the piano, but I think you could probably find better samples for the orchestra. Like one that has smoother transitions b/t notes. I have no problem with the melody or notes, it's just samples. Although I hear a great brass sample in there. What inspired this piece? It seems pretty dark near the end. Like something you'd hear in a movie after the village is raided and destroyed. It was great, It faded in at the beginning and out at the end. I love it, I also think you could find a better piano sample. That sustains the notes longer.
over all great work, I can feel your emotions in this one.
What did you use? Not FL, right?
anyways, long time no review, thought I'd catch up on your latest.

Karco responds:

Hey, NightHawk. Odd, I found a new review on both songs but it only shows up on this one. I'll respond to this one first and see if the other one shows up after this.

The answer is no, I'm not moving to the classical genre. I've just been trying my hand in it lately to see how good I am with it. And I think I'm not that bad... heh. But I'm just about done, I think, with one more song I'm still deciding whether or not I want to submit. (If you or anyone else wants to hear it if I don't, just send me a PM.)

Well, I agree I could find better samples for the orchestra - everything I used was FREE! (Not illegal, just free. Soundfonts and all.) So, naturally, it isn't as high quality as the music that comes out of those who bought their instruments. (And, actually, I did use FL. Hah! I can give you the soundfonts I used if you want them, though. Drop me a PM sometime.)

Nothing else to add. Thanks for the review, Nighthawk, glad you enjoyed my song. I definitely did put a lot of effort into it.

It's all about CLASSICAL


Why all this classical... I like your electronica so much better. But you've got talent in this too, so I won't complain. Only thing outside the actual song is the title... You should at least have named it SOMETHING. Though many classical composers just call them (composition/symphony etc) (number) I mean, forget what I said I don't know wtf I'm talking about now.

I don't believe you recorded anything, did you? Cause most sampled instruments really lose their feeling when they are played at a high pitch. A bit how I felt now too. The only reason I'm pointing it out is that this is when it's played alone. When you have more in it it doesn't have quite that bad thing, the track as a whole sounds much better then. It blends into it and sounds just right.

The bass strings drown out a little when you put their volume and velocity down. Sounds very good in the start and through it. They almost rumble too, which is good. The notes are nothing to complain about, simple and superb

Well, these bass strings are playing notes that end and start just when the first do. Of course it works, but for a little more interesting mix you could try having a few short notes in the same range in the end of a note to get a bridge between the notes. And having the bass strings as is. Gah, I can't describe that in text... I need to make an audible example but ... >:(

Orchestral quicksilver filling... is good, takes the impression out of the orchestra hall into an orchestra hall in an oriental place. Yes I know it isn't really oriental instrument but it sounds so much like that. It makes atmosphere and made a feeling on me, which is good. So yeah, the addition was smart.

Ohhhh, here comes the piano! I love it. Sounds so melancolic and lonely, and yet it has this rich feel to it. The chords, notes and variations are cleverly done, and it comes and leaves just in the right time. The only thing I could see done better is if you added wee bit more reverb. Except for that it's excellent! The piano is essetial for this piece.

That's about that in the track, isn't it? There's some trumpets and brasses in here, but they aren't standing out enough for me to comment anything special on them. They sounds very good either way, and make some parts of the song sound very dramatic and exciting.

I'm quite dissapointed that you don't have any percussion in this though. Some huge, orchestral bass drums or gongs once in a very while could've done the piece sound more dramatic and/or moody. I believe your track is meant to have a sad feeling, like something or someone is lost. If that is so, you can forget the percussion comment.

Song is pretty repetitive. Nothing interesting or changing when it comes to structure, it's more of the same sadness repeating itself. You have a lot of interesting variations (especially hen it comes to the piano) in the track, but there's nothing that surprises or awakes the song. The song sounds pretty basic, and that is part of what's positive in it, sometimes simplicity is the best, right?

The track is overall a great composition. It has some points where it could have been better, but that is all just outside inspirations, add-ons and opinionated stuff. If it's awesome to you , nothing should be changed.

I'm nearing your awesomeness with this review, Karco :)
Gotta tell everything possible to do so though.

Karco responds:

Wow, long review, SBB! O_O Yeah, my electronic stuff is, I'll agree, just as good and I'm pretty much done with orchestrals for now. About the title... this song pretty much refused to name itself. :\ Any name I considered just wasn't right in one way or another. Yeah, I'd have named it something, but if nothing fits more, then nothing it is. ;)

It's such a HUGE review I'm not going to bother responding to it all... but it's all very appreciated and I might refer back to it while composing another. On the topic of realism... it, I'll agree, could have been better in places, but it wasn't really my focus in this song as much as it was to see what I can do with classical instruments, concerning composition and emotion. I think I did pretty well there.

Very little else to say but, again, it's a HUGE review and very appreciated. :D Thanks a lot, and glad you like it.

Hmmm, sweetness :)

I really really like your melody work in this one Karco. There is something intensely sad, yet uplifting in this piece. The story that The-Great-One told was one that I immediately clicked to with this piece, not so much for the story itself, but the emotions and ideas he talked about I feel hit the spot right on the head concerning this song.

There is as I said a great level of sadness, but there is also a great level of pent up energy. As if it's ready to pounce, ready to jump out.

You're really good with that piano Karco. Really, it makes for a rather damn interesting feel. I loved the wind chimes... oh dear GOD I loved them. They really added that perfect layer of surrealism.

The steady and ever present piano, supportive, yet never dominating is what gave me that "pent up" energy feeling. It could do anything at any moment, build up, slow down, even completely die out, and with each possibility stems an entirely different feel.

Now for a story of my own.

It was snowing. Not hard, but the fat snow gently glided and fell to the ground, covering everything with it's greedy ego. Allowing nothing else to be seen but it's cold and irrefutable presence.

He stood here on this spot for many hours. His breath turning shallow, quick. Struggling. He's been here for too long, and the unforgiving snow was gently sliding it's way into his bones. He was completely covered on the spot, his unkempt face and sagging eyes indicated that there would be a long wait still.

He would cry, if not for the fear his tears would freeze. Surrounded by water, he was too afraid to shed his own. She had promised to return one day. 10 years it had been already.

He closed his eyes, and shuddered another breath. As his life slowly closed into the snow, he wished that one day she would wake up one day.

Wake up, and remember him.

At least thats the imagery I got, a little too sad maybe, but it was a strong one. Keep up the great fight Karco! And keep em coming!

Karco responds:

Hello again, Maestro... again, it seems you like my song a lot. :)

I don't have much to add, though I can say that it definitely is some of my favorite melodywork in a while. :D My knowledge of the piano comes from years and years of playing it, and it definitely helps a lot when making these orchestrals.

The story is, as always, interesting, but somewhat vague. Then again I suppose I was somewhat vague myself with the lack of a title or real description for this song. It's entirely what you make of it that way and I don't think anymore I'm one to say whether you hit the nail on the head or not, as I'll have a bias and judge it on how close it was to my inspiration for this song. :\ So you can decide.

Thanks for the review, Maestro, and glad you like my song - it's all very appreciated, as always. :)

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May 5, 2007
7:40 PM EDT
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