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AIM - ICU (When Things Start To Get Melt)

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Author Comments

TL;DR. This is My First Submission The Art-Inspired Music Contest 2018. Let me say this first now that, it went too far over this song. Looking at @RedeyestheSecound's ragging picture which I can consider a very fine abstract art (Must See). It made me realised “I know where this is going”. It just struck my head, this guy is totally in Acid, it got too much of it. It losses me by looking at it. So, I make a song about it, including with a story that I can indirectly describe the artist (@RedeyestheSecound) having some acid moment that possibly in the future might ended up really horrible or I don’t know! And yes, this is an over-exaggeration but this is how I present the song and its lyrics. Since I can’t sing, I let Vocaloid GUMI Sing the song for me. Experimenting her voice was kind of unpleasant to hear, but i tried my best to make it right and leaving some because thats how Vocaloid works (i think?). All in all, it took me Two Days for the Instrumentals, Barely Weeks for The Vocals. But this is all I can present to you guys, I ran out of time to finish it but, I think this song is decent enough. Enjoy.

ART: https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/redeyesthesecound/when-things-start-to-melt

They used to come for me before bedtime
they sing me songs In different rhyme
and now everything Is In total silence
I can’t sleep without, dismaying medicine
Now I can sleep but can't wake up. How will you settle in?
Oh, no! I shot too much!
It feels so good and feels so bad,
Now everyone thinks I am mad.
On no! Oh yes, I can't bear to watch.
My rapid eyes start shattering!
Bones crippling, so staggering!
And people say that I would go to hell but was actually was high enough to see the sky and there you’ll see the so-called paradise.
Looking forward to question the world
When things start to get melt, will I ever stay the same?
I did not look forward though, the world was forcing me
So I asked the moon, will I go back from where I came?
Familiar faces, mistaken identity.
Distorted places, fragmented impressions.
You look so familiar but I cant describe who you are.
I shot too much!
It feels so good and feels so bad, now everyone thinks I am mad!
On, no! Oh yes, I can't bare to watch
My rapid eyes start shattering,
Bones crippling, so staggering.
And people say that I could lose control but was actually, was sane enough to know that my life is deceived over by extreme delusion!
And people say that I am fine but think again in my point of view.
And yet here I am immobilised, dying In confusion.
No whiskey normorphine to keep me alive.
You could just stab me In the heart with your broken knife
I can't sleep without that dismaying medicine
Now I can sleep, but can't wake up, how could I settle In?
Oh, no! I shot too much!
It feels so good and feels so bad,
now everyone thinks I am mad
On no, oh yes, I can't bare to watch,
my rapid eyes starts shattering,
Bones crippling, so staggering.
and people say that I could lose control but actually was sane enough to know that my life is deceived over by extreme delusion
and people say that I am fine but think again In my point of view
and yet here I am immobilised, dying In confusion
and people say that I would go to hell but actually was high enough
to see the sky and there you’ll see the so called paradise!!

How the F did i make this with no use of real Instruments?
-Why DAW did it all the work, Which is i’m using FL Studio 12 e.e
-Guitars, have you ever herd of those Shreddage things? Those things are good and packing them with GRigPro5.
-Drums, The Drums are Tweaked EZDrummer.
-Bass, FL Studio 12 is good with default synths, using BooBass are good enough for me to push this song’s Bass 8)
-Vocals, Vocaloid is really something in the Internet, if you cant hire someone to sing your songs, Thats where vocaloid things will make your frown upside foken down! GUMIV3 is a good singer. :D
- Others. Effects, Alot of them.. ._. (FL Default Compressors, EQ and all of those shit) and (NI-Classic Reverbs are my thing back then when i was a kid, love messing with em. e.e)

@RedeyestheSecound you’re awesome!!

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Official AIM Review!

Wow, super creative. There are a couple instances where the mix gets a little muddy, and at points the lyrics sound like word salad to a native English speaker -- but this is relatively common with vocaloid.

I would recommend perhaps dialing down the distortion just a bit on your guitars/bass -- maybe bring them and Gumi down a few dB so your drums can stand out a bit more.

For guitar and amp sims, I'm familiar with Shreddage and GuitarRig but prefer the more natural sound of RealEight (and its lovely keyswitches) and the ease of use of Grind Machine. It seems like you know the ins and outs of your programs fairly well, but distortion on your guitars was muddy, and tone was unclear, hence the recommendation.

Intonation on Shreddage sounds like it needs a lot more velocity applied. Some notes sound a bit machine gunny or intonation too surgical.

Drums sound solid, though they're hiding in the mix under those guitars.

Now, onto writing -- I'm blown away by how surreal these lyrics are and how well you've used Gumi to convey them. Melody is catchy as hell, and those portamentos will be stuck with me a while. I've gotta invest in installing her one of these days.

Great work. Thanks for turning out to this year's competition!

biyaonibakasan responds:

Thank you so much, that some awesome advice, ill keep that in mind about mixing and some tips. it's Helpful to improve whats missing to my music! again Thanks!

---Official AIM review---

Catchy guitar riff at the beginning. The panning is a little strong for my tastes. Undoubtedly, it helps the clarity of the mix, but the heavy one-sidedness of it becomes a bit grating, even if just for the short intro section. The melodic content of the vocals is good, but I couldn’t help but feel like the inauthentic nature of the vocals detracted from the piece, especially since it was paired with relatively organic-sounding instrumentation otherwise. The lyrical themes of the piece made it really engaging, but I also think that there was opportunity for a little more creativity with the lyrics. For example, “feels so good and feels so bad” isn’t very descriptive or particular. As for the production quality, it’s quite clear overall. I think the drums could’ve been a tad stronger at times, especially during the refrain, but the instruments generally blend well together. As for the composition, I think my main concern is that the piece has a sense of uniform energy and texture throughout. At some point, I would’ve liked to see a little more shape and contrast in intensity, perhaps with a bridge, solo, or breakdown. You have a good sense of melody, harmony, and rhythm, though. Overall, nice job with the production, progression, catchiness, and emotion. Some more structural variety would be nice, but really I think a rebranding of the vocals/instrumentation would help this piece out the most. Keep at it, Biyaonibakasan!


biyaonibakasan responds:

Thanks for the response!! I'll keep in mind with the helpful advice!! I was thinking of cover this myself!! Again Thanks! :D

Credits & Info

4.04 / 5.00

Jul 7, 2018
2:03 PM EDT
File Info
3.1 MB
4 min 38 sec

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