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AIM - Peacemaker

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Author Comments

Peacemaker was both a Sheriff's work and he's weapon.


AIM 2018 track. Inspired on this piece by Xaltotun :


Made using FL Studio and Acid Music Studio.

Vsts, plugins and gear used : Ardency, Acoustic 3&4, BooBass

Tascam US122-l, AmpliTube, Ozone and Squier HM guitar.

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I think it's good! Nice work as always. And always goona come the smart guys to judge... don't feel bad about that. I really like your work and belive in your sound. Keep producing!

LexRodent responds:

Thanks for listening man.
Also, don't worry about it, this piece was meant to be judged like that.
I entered this song on a contest. Thanks to that feedback I was able to make some tweaks to the song, now it sounds better than before ;)

Official AIM Review!

Oh, Lex does a western! This piece is fairly simple and straightforward with its writing but well done. I'd like to hear a little more of your rhythm guitar, perhaps a little crispier on the distortion.

Riffs are simple but effective. I particularly like your slide work. Would have appreciated a little more variation in your intonation, maybe harder, twangier picking on your accents, and some bends and a couple more flourishes/fills so that when repeating a verse, it doesn't feel like a literal copy paste of another section.

One complaint throughout -- drums sound relentlessly flat and one dimensional. Would have liked the occasional tom fill, maybe some ride cymbal here and there. You may also try a tape saturator on your snare.

I usually pan my drums fairly aggressively these days, excepting snare and kick, following as a general rule the orientation I'd hear them when playing. Kinda livens them up a bit.

I was about to complain bass wasn't standing out enough acoustically until I read you were using BooBass -- and then I was surprised. Sounds pretty good for a synth. It does seem to be covering up that kick a bit though frequency wise. Still would probably recommend something like AMR 2 for a grittier, more natural sound, not to mention support for string taps and extra pick noises. Bass is a percussion instrument. I'd have loved to hear a slap on between those mutes.

Overall, laid-back, jammin' tune. May have appreciated a little mastering compression, but enjoyed the listen, and fits the art you selected perfectly.

Thanks for turning out to this year's competition!

LexRodent responds:

Another nice and detailed review :)

All fair observations, specially on the flatness of drums and lack of variation on the sliders.
Idk why time constraints are like neurotoxin to me ; I screw up way more than usual when time it's a factor to consider. I have already started to work on some tweaks to fix some of the biggest flaws and give this track a better polishing.

Thanks for listening.

---Official AIM review---

I like the retro vibe at the beginning. Feels really organic, too, like I’m listening to a live performance put on by a seasoned wild west jam band. The piece was catchy and had a refreshing mood. I think the intonation was a bit off at times, but perhaps you did that on purpose. The solo that starts at 2:07 was probably my favorite part of the song. The piece didn’t have much structural variety otherwise, so that part really stood out. As for the mixing, the drums are nice and crisp. I would’ve liked to hear a little more bass, though, and at transitory moments even a bit more of the strumming. The mid-high range guitars seriously dominate the texture for most of the piece, and altering the balance would be a good way of creating variety in a piece that has a pretty uniform sound design throughout. Overall, you nailed the mood and atmosphere. Composition could use a bit more shape and contrast (right now, it has a bit of a drone-like quality), but overall solid work. Keep at it, LexRodent!


LexRodent responds:

What a nice and detailed review :)
I get what you mean regarding the intonation ; I have to admit the background guitar was a bit off tune when I recorded it, but that dirty sound together with the sliding notes grew on me and I decided to leave it like that. Bass was indeed the part I had more doubts about.
I'll try to apply all this suggestions to improve the track once the AIM it's over.
Thanks for listening.

Feels good

LexRodent responds:

Glad you enjoyed it.

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4.19 / 5.00

Jul 5, 2018
4:36 AM EDT
General Rock
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7.9 MB
3 min 29 sec

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