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A lot of people were complaining about "the structure" of my song while going on to say that the drums were "too random" or "unpredictable."

Here is a version without the drums, because fuck y'all.


The other guys' Logic seemed a bit Tainted if you ask me...
I think it is great :P
A bit repetitive, but, I can live with that 😆

Quarl responds:

It's all good, I got respect for TL. I just got frustrated and threw this version up because I'm too irrationally emo to write better music in the first place.

The oscillating synths at :13-:20 are really cool. Definitely a lot of bold choices with the sound design here. I think the dissonance is a bit excessive at times, but the mixing also inflates the sense of dissonance to an extent. Namely, the panning at :22 is a bit too strong for my tastes, and the range of some of the synths (high-pitched bell-like one at :48, for example) makes it so that the harmonic patterns aren’t very digestible. The drums were pretty sporadic as I recall, but I think this piece has structural problems beyond that of the drums. The rhythmic effect of the piano that comes in at 1:27 is pretty nice. Clearly, you have a good sense of rhythm and flow, but the composition lacks a fundamental element of dynamism that significantly detracts from the piece imo. Perhaps it was a mistake to call you out for a lack of melodic content, as I did last time. I’ve heard people call me out for emphasizing melody too much before. That said, I’m still confused about the moods and emotions the piece is trying to convey. You use this apparently harsh, rhythmic pattern as a background (2:19, other places), yet you do very little to expand upon or resolve the inherent tension between that riff and the other, brighter elements of the song. I think you could begin to solve this in a lot of ways: more dynamic contrast, a stronger sense of directionality and phrasing, more distinctions between disparate sections. But quite frankly, right now this piece simply doesn’t display a strong sense of musicality in several important areas. Don’t take it personally. I know you’re a talented musician, Quarl. But I can’t help but feel that you’ve sold yourself short with this piece. Sorry.


Quarl responds:

I sell myself short everyday, cheers!

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