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endK - Cotton Glade


Author Comments

So, here's one simple feel good summer song!

This one's my second entry for Newgrounds AIM (Art Inspired Music contest) 2018.

Happy/uplifting orchestral dnb.
It was much funz workin' on this one! ^_-

Artwork by Pankapu:


Made in FL Studio 20
Stuff used:

> 3xOSC
> Serum
> Nexus
> Hybrid 3
> Drum samples / FX
> Cotton Candy ^___^

Social media:
Soundcloud - http://soundcloud.com/endkashika/
Newgrounds - http://endkashika.newgrounds.com/
Bandcamp - http://endk.bandcamp.com/
Facebook - http://facebook.com/endKmusic/
iTunes - http://goo.gl/tTkJWk
potify - http://goo.gl/K9ptHW
Google Play - http://goo.gl/y3ihgn

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Official AIM Review!

Man, super cheery cotton-candy progression. Imaginative textures.

00:58 is where things finally gel together cohesively, largely on part of your bass. I really feel like the flowery keys and other leads aren't meshing exceptionally well with your D&B drums. However, points for taking an adventurous approach to the piece as a whole. Your modulation on your leads throughout is wonderful.

Piece is well written but feels pretty top heavy to me. Perhaps a bit too much reverb on some of your synths. 00:35 onward is where I really start feeling the thin -- perhaps too open -- quality of the piece. It diminishes some on a second listen. Those background string swells could do with being brought out a lot more on bigger sections and perhaps voiced differently. I'm really missing low mids throughout the whole piece!

2:57, brass seems to be farting in and out on that attack. Outro was totally unexpected. I was ready for a second run of the chorus. Last minute key change? Second listen I was a little more prepared.

Overall, pretty solid piece. Thanks again for turning out to this year's AIM!

endKmusic responds:

Thanks for one more in-depth review!
This one was full of build-ups and intros to main sections, and in those build-ups there was lack of bass, but it was intentional. I could've lowered the highs however, brought up the mids / low mids in those parts or somehow managed to mix it more properly.
Certainly not my best work, but the image looked 'airy'. It does sound open - as you said, I kinda went for that, but the realization certainly could've been better.
Thanks for both of the reviews, I totally get what you're saying and I'm grateful for the advices.
Much thanks once more! :)

---Official AIM review---

I like the cutesy, upbeat vibe at the beginning and the melodic content that begins shortly thereafter. Bass is especially prominent in this one, too. The texture is a little thin at times, but I love the call-and-response style that occurs between several of the melodic instruments. They just mesh together really well, both rhythmically and harmonically. There’s also quite a lot of structural variety between the sections at 1:17 and 1:51. Production quality is top-notch as usual. Everything sounds really crisp and clear in the mix. The final refrain at 2:35 did a great job of hitting the piece home. I especially like the quirky descending line at 2:51. The sound design is really fun, btw. I think I have to take issue with the ending, though. It came on a bit too suddenly. I think it would’ve been cool to create a slightly more downtempo rendition of the main melody (an echo effect, in a way) as a coda, although that’s just one idea. Overall, strong work yet again. Keep it up, EndK! :)


endKmusic responds:

I was actually quite happy how the ending turned out, since, at first, it was supposed to be 10x worse. >.<
But I do agree that it could've used some more air in between or that I could've slowed down in some way, as you said, to get you kinda more prepared, eventhough I'm pretty satisfied with the result.
It kinda sudden and not sudden at the same time.
That 2:51 lick was my favorite part too!
Thanks for the kind words and nice in-depth review Andrew! :)

The sound design and production are impeccable, and I love the chord progression as well!

The only thing that bothered me is that I feel like the main melody was never presented in a manner that would make it shine and become an earworm. The drops, with the competing melodic phrases, are lovely, but I wish there was another busy section in which the main melody could be perceived as playing continuously without competing elements.

I think the final drop would have sounded great with a +2 key change; it would sound super cheesy though :p

The mood of the song reflects the art perfectly!

endKmusic responds:

Yeah, I guess that's one of the things I should work on more for sure, since I always tend to do something different in each part (which is not always a good thing).
It's kinda always been that way .____.
Thanks for the review! <3

This song changed my life.

endKmusic responds:

<3 <3

Credits & Info


4.12 / 5.00

Jun 30, 2018
12:47 PM EDT
Video Game
File Info
7.7 MB
3 min 22 sec

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