[ Thunderstruck ]


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"Once the lightning flashed light into the world, only then did a new beginning arise."
My first Fl Studio song ever! I still have no idea how to use most of FL Studio, but I'm learning. Enjoy!

(Part of an upcoming EP)

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Your first project? :o

I like the blend of various elements here. Could probably do with a fade in for that under-water sounding SFX.

I'm fairly sure that, had you had better material to work with, this track would be a banger. Compositionally, I've got zero complaints.

Mix wise, lot of lo-mid noise on your reverbs. Try turning down the FX wet and hi-passing it. These frequencies tend to gradually build up and muddy your mix. There's also a lot of hi-fizz and sub noise. I can't tell if some parts of the track are clipping.

FL studio's default synths generally are terrible. I recommend some free synths like ABPL bass, AGML guitar, Headroom/Intimate Piano in the free kontakt thread, SQ8L -- I think ABPL can be loaded with your own samples if you wish, as well. Emissary amp and NadIR/kefIR cabs are free as well. Personally, I use (non-free) plugins like RealEight, Kontakt 5 with Metal Factory Drums, Ample Sound AMR2 (same company as the bass and guitar I recommended), and GrindMachine/Dominator amps, which have built in cabs.

This track was quite a journey, even despite technical issues. Liked it a lot. If you get those mix issues under your belt, I see a long path of success ahead of you!

Considering this was done with FL Studio, this is damn impressive. As much as the actual composition, I'm completely in love with the blend of electronic, classical, and rock influences. There's lots of variety and progression here, and despite this being fairly long it maintains interest from start to finish.

The samples sound a little corny, but that's more than compensated for by the actual composition here. I would really love to hear this redone with better software, but this was a joy to listen to even as-is. There are plenty of shortcomings here - enough to mark the score down a lot - but there are just as many ways in which I feel like you went above and beyond to redeem those flaws. Kudos!

This is pretty cool, especially for your first FL track. There's way more content here than what I put into my first FL Studio song, that's for sure. :P As for the track itself, I really get a lot of Classical vibes from it, particularly with the strings when they do that little minor scale dip while repeating each alternating note. I love this combination of strings with more electronic, gritty sounds.

Overall, you pay good enough attention to the structure and have a pretty good buildup from the calmer sections to the more gritty, intense ones. I personally enjoy the intense part at 4:34, though I prefer the transition to the first intense section at 1:42. The second "intense" part's transition felt like the guitar came too early. But overall, it does get a little jumbled and hard to make out the individual parts when EVERYTHING comes in. I like the sound overall, but I would have liked it more if it were cleaner, maybe with less reverb.

Going back to the whole "Classical" vibes point I was talking about earlier, I think it would be interesting to try and borrow more elements from Classical forms, particularly with the idea of modulation and changing keys. It's more of a technical, music theory related thing, and I'm not really sure how much you know about musical theory, but I feel like it's an approach worth exploring here. The piece basically stays in the same minor key for its six minutes, and the melodies themselves aren't particularly engaging enough to remain with that same key throughout. It's a common way to put the listener on a "musical journey" and add a bit more of an arc to a piece.

The beginning of this piece starts out really noisy, and I take it that's supposed to be thunder? It feels superfluous and is distracting from what was, on its own, a fine string solo. I am glad that the thunderous noise does fade out after a while.

As a whole, this was a fine listen. Keep working in FL, and I hope you will complete that EP! :D

Hey that's pretty good :) For your first time using FL Studio, you seem to have a really good handle on it. I've been using it for years and I doubt I could do any of this. I'm a bit of a caveman though.

I really like the part at 1:40 in particular

XSTEP-Compositions responds:

Thank you! I'm surprised you think that. I really doubt it though, I think you probably know a lot more than me. This is my first song after all. I appreciate your support!

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Jun 28, 2018
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