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Complex Delusions

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Here's something I'm a little proud of, despite the kinda messed-up rhythm. I think otherwise, I did pretty alright! I hope you enjoy! :)


[Verse 1]

True friends don't talk about you in your head
People today will lead you on and leave you dead
Don't trust those who seem just
You take the word of the shivers in your gut


Persecution Complex Delusions!
I know there ain't nothin' in the closet
But something else
Keeps freaking me out
Tell me, please, have I lost it?

[Verse 2]

You feel the malicious stares of those who care
You take a breath, but your own whispers steal the air
You lose (you lose)
All the things that keep you sane
You've drained yourself, and now it's time to isolate


Persecution Complex Delusions!
I know there ain't nothin' in the closet
But something else
Keeps freaking me out
Tell me, please, have I lost it?

[Chorus 2]

What if there was no solution?
I think the folks at home are out to get me
I think I know
They're keeping me out
On information
Why do they hate me?


Why must they hate me? (x2)
Why must the kill me
In my dreams?

I used my acoustic guitar, my Roland Keytar/Synthesizer, FL Studio 12 for the (not good) drums, and Audacity for recording.

Check it out on SoundCloud!

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This has a very unique style to it, and has a good lyric structure.

Here are a few things you may improve on:

I know good recording equipment is quite expensive, but if you get some financial excess, you should consider investing in high quality mics. You can clean up the overall sound in your mastering and editing, but you'll have a more broadcast ready quality to your audio if you have higher quality mics.

I also wanted to hear more instruments in this -- to make the song even more interesting than it all ready is. I've never agreed with a minimalist approach to music, so maybe add another layer of acoustic guitar or other instruments/synths to fill in the gaps during the breaks in the lyrics. I like the acoustic sound, so more guitar added to this would have made it even better for me. Just experiment with different sounds and eventually you'll come up with something that makes the song more full.

I did enjoy listening to this, and in the future you may create something that will catch the attention of industry professionals. Just keep working, improving, and trying out new ideas -- that's the best way to define both you and your music; and to make your work stand out above all the rest.

Good luck in the future!

kynivoid responds:

Thank you, this was very helpful! This track seemed to have more instruments than any of my other songs, so I was afraid it was already too "clunky", I guess. I will keep your advice in mind! In relation to the contest, there's probably not much I can do to upgrade my mic by the next deadline, but I have always wanted to buy a better microphone, and probably will in the future.
Anyway, thanks again!

Super cool!

Depressing xD

I noticed that the guitar is a little off beat a little bit throughout the whole thing. Is this on purpose?

kynivoid responds:

No, it's not on purpose lol i'm just not great at keeping rhythm. I'm surprised you think it's the guitar that's off a bit though, since the drum beats were made in FL Studio and everything else was recorded in Audacity. So when it came time to match the perfect computer-generated drum tracks with the rest of the song, it became difficult to do without a little bit of editing to try and make the drums as arrhythmic as the rest of the instrumentals. So my guess is that may have thrown the whole song off-beat, but at that point there was nothing I could really do without scrapping the whole song and restarting, which I'm just too lazy to do.

I'm sorry if none of that made any sense, it's kinda hard to explain my process. A lot of my songs are thought up semi-on-the-spot. I'm trying to improve, though.

I'm glad you enjoyed it otherwise! :)

Love it! Reminds me of Modest Mouse, cool and melancholy vibes.

kynivoid responds:

Wow, thank you very much! I am a bit of a Modest Mouse fan, and just a pretty indie dude in general heheh

DUDE! Ya made a full on song! Sounds nice!

kynivoid responds:

Thank you! <3

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