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AIM - Nostalgia goggles


Author Comments

My entry to the aim contest
Art: https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/big-jonny-13/isometric-pixel-gaming-room

* Lowered volume of the bass guitar
* Crash cymbal turned down some
* Volume automation during chorus removed
* Volume up on leads
* Little bit of saturation on snare

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Nice work

So this was a nice piece of work here this even has a nice video game theme here but also has a nice and refreshing element here, I love how you have some mixture and varity in this one, no major changes needed this was full of quality here so nice job.

No major changes needed.


Oh snap! Super nostalgic from the first note.

My only real complaint other than a few mix issues is that pesky crash cymbal. It sounds just too tinny for some reason.

I've really got to complement your arrangement here. Aside from some elements of the mix pumping out between sections, a lot more headroom than is probably necessary, and drums hiding in the mix a bit, this song is everything I could ask for in a peppy videogame themed rock track. Fits the art to a T.

Onto criticisms, I can't tell if the bass is too loud or the guitar and drums are hiding. Snare drum could probably use some tape saturation to give it some stage presence. Right now, it's kinda flat. Kick sounds like it needs a little bit of mid and a low cut right around 38 hz. I also can't hear your hats very well closed. I didn't even notice them on first listen.

Chorus also gets super loud compared to the rest of this song, almost to the point of overwhelming your leads -- which is crazy since videogame leads are very hard to cover up with rock instrumentation. This section actually is what has me suspecting the bass is a bit too loud. Guitars are kind of inaudible at points until chorus, especially on those soft chugs. Recommend compressing them with something like GComp2.

2:09 transition lives up to your username. Fantastic writing throughout. Also rare to hear a bass solo.

Really enjoyed this piece. Thanks for turning out to this year's competition!

8-bitheroes responds:

Thanks for taking the time to give a solid review! You made some pretty good points. The reason the chorus is louder is because i automated the level on it to give it a bit more energy in contrast to the verse sections, however i may of overcooked it a little. Which crash do you mean... im using two different crashes so it may just be a case of swapping one out. When you listen to something so much you just accept it as normal lol.

Definitely has a nostalgic VG-like tone to it! :D Interesting piece to choose too. I haven't played the game depicted therein, which I guess this audio might be somewhat inspired by, so I don't really catch the link between those, if there is one, but it does have a nostalgic tone to it I just can't place. Probably for that reason. It's pretty cool how you mix that with a more modern punk/pop alternation. Like a musical mashup between two tracks I know and I still can't place either one of them... the sound quality's smooth, it's not too loud or compressed, the variation's good, the pace steady, the style uplifting and fun. Overall just a real fun piece to listen too all the way through. Solid work.


8-bitheroes responds:

Thanks for the feedback, glad to know you enjoyed it :)

---Official AIM review---

I like the gradual swell at the beginning into :06, as well as the blissful rock-VGM hybrid that follows. You have a lot of cute melodic riffs in here, like at :30. The song is well-structured and smooth-flowing, and has nice distinct emotional heights at 1:00, 1:50, and a couple other places. The energetic solo at 2:10 was a great way of adding a more frantic-sounding bridge to the overall smooth tone of the piece. You overuse the hi-hats a tad at around 3:10. Still, that’s probably my only notable complaint. Also that the sound effect at the beginning was a bit cheesy. And maybe there are a couple cliché chord progressions in there, but you still have a lot of variety with the progression so that it's hard to pick up on. Overall fantastic work. Mastering is very strong. Sound design is awesome. Just a piece that’s very hard not to like. Keep it up, 8-bitheroes!


8-bitheroes responds:

Hey Taintedlogic, wasnt expecting a review yet! You made some good points. Thanks for taking the time, much appreciated.

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4.48 / 5.00

Jun 20, 2018
5:00 PM EDT
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3 min 47 sec

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