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Moon Burn

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Abstract new ambient piece. Sadder than my previous stuff, but still energetic. Enjoy!

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We need more abstract music. The song that will make everyone's soul no matter what their mood is experience anti matter. A place of the unknown and the well known. A place of sounds of no sound. The place with anti gravity and gravity. An experience that nobody will be able to elaborate, only they can just say one word.. ''Bliss''. No words. No explanation. Only there. Just there. I want more music like this coming up, as soon as I get me a damn music program I will be composing songs like this. Anti matter is a redemption to all negative emotions, it creates a relenetless pathway to determination. It's simply the strongest spiderweb out there, nobody can surpass it's anti touch. It's just truely benevolent. Please make more. I really like songs like this. Can anyone name more songs that are like this? I am going to go raid their comment window with my nonsensical devotion to anti matter there too. I also liked that song Strange Petals. It's amazing, please make more. Like not just a few, make a thousand, a minute world created by yourself through the incoherent whispers of your intelligent mind. I want to see more of this, and to hear it. It creates the most amazing visual.. I can see it now..
The snow silently falling, as I spin around to see only darkness around me while a dim light is flicking ahead of me, and the smell of BBQ siphoning the atmosphere that I am enclosed in.. I cannot state this enough. Abstract music is beyond the ultimate genre out there, not by mear opinion but mear fact. It's the only thing that can form a bubble underneath all this chaos surroundings us day in, and day out. It's our mind's whispers. Our dreams advocates. It's the mother of nature. Please remix a whole bunch of your songs, or make one like an hour long. Do something.. Collab with other abstract artists, form a union and give this genre a name.. It truely deserves all the recognition. It truely deserves the attention of all individuals. Think about it.. Anti matter creates visuals for anything in this world. Water: Snow, Oceans, The Tundras. Fire: The Volcanic Eruptions, The Bellows Of Lava, The Silent Dances Of A Candle. Earth: The Green Forests, The Forsaken Gardens, The Frivolous Rocks. Wind: The Echoes Of Mother Nature, The Chimes Of Storms, The Creation Of Atmospheres.
Let's not forget about the sky, the space above us, and around us. All the lights, and reflections circulating, clashing into each other to form visuals for our mind to percieve of what it is. Maybe even the complex things in life. The realms, the space time continuum, mirrors, unearthed secrets, particles of existence sitting infront of our faces.. Please make more.. 10/10 5/5
~Akumin Wolf~

Gillenium responds:

Wow, thanks for taking the time to write this!

Truely amazing

Wow, this is truly a masterpiece to be reconed with. Last night I felt for a walk. I got on my jacket and took my mp3-player with me. When I reached the forest, it was snowing lightly outside, and I could see the moon looking out from a pile of clouds. The snow and the moon lighted up the forest in a beautiful way, and the slow cold breeze worked its cold down my spine, calming me even more. After awhile this song began to invade my brain, which enhanced the atmosferic beauty of the forest by tenfolds! This song combined with a nightly stroll in the norwegian forests in wintertime simply blew my brains out :)

Ive been listening to your work for a while now, and I love your serie "Why Birds Sleep Well". I do need some pause from time to time from the oldschool blackmetal I usually listen to too. What catches me is yourcalm, soothing melodies, almost apathetic speed.. Truely amazing. This is amongst my recurring songs on my playlist.

But anyways, gotta go now, Im late out for an appointment, so keep up your good work :)


Gillenium responds:

Yes! I am so happy over this review! You've made my day. You experienced the song in almost the exact way I imagined things as I wrote it. That's crazy! I love it. Combining visuals and music has always been a goal of mine. I'm glad Newgrounds finally came around and allowed song art and profile banners and art. I've made art for every song since 2003, and I've never been able to put it on NG until recently. And knowing that my music was played in the Norwegian forests... that's awesome. That's funny that you mention Why Birds Sleep Well, because that whole series was based on outdoor experiences. Canaan Valley, West Virginia, to be precise. Thanks for the review!

By the way, in my experience, people who listen to black metal and death metal tend to love ambient music for some reason... it's a weird contrast, but very common among my friends :D

woah... this songs amazing

this is a very good song just like the review below i listened to it outside with my gf
in the graveyard hill and all and the song just gave me this kinda spooky and very calm outdoor daydream all i can say was these are the very few songs that have that power to be able to do that to people all i can say to the artist keep up the awsm songs!

Gillenium responds:

You listened to it in a graveyard?? That's even better than just listening to it outside! I hope you and dietx start a trend of listening to my music in the best possible locations. I think I'll listen to this in a graveyard, too :D Thanks for the review.

Really liked it.

I listened to this with my fiance the other night out on our backporch because when I listened to it in the house, it was not as dramatic with the creepiness. But as soon as it was nice and we were sitting under the stars, i felt shivers go up my spine as i listened to, and imagined aliens up in the sky.

Well, to stop my gibber gabber (mhm), this song was great and if it made me feel that way, then i think you got what you wanted from the song :D

10/10. 5/5. download.

Gillenium responds:

Thanks! I like those kind of songs that sound better with a certain visual in front of them. This is true also for my Why Birds Sleep Well series, because I based the whole thing on an outdoor experience. Ambience is the only genre where I've seen this type of thing though. Aphex Twin's Selected Ambient Works Vol. 2 is an album to be listened to in complete darkness... Glad you enjoyed!


This... is quite good. Nice and relaxing with a bit of a creepy tone.

I think I could imagine this in a movie scene where there standing at a beach at night with the camera panning off.

Nice pads in there and the sound FX go nicely. Well this is very good and I don't have much too say about it.

Thanks for your vote, SineRider! You voted 5 for (Gillenium) Moon Burn, keeping its score at 5.00.


Gillenium responds:

Thanks for the review and the vote! Not many people do both, lol. This one took me a while to iron out. Couldn't really get it the way I wanted, so I chopped a couple minutes off of it, and now it works fine.

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2.82 / 5.00

Apr 27, 2007
10:38 PM EDT
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