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Author Comments

A intro song for Septenary's game, a man defies the reign of the gods!



Sounds like music in a Church Shootout

MaestroRage responds:

Church Shootout eh!?

Maybe I should go back and put in a nice slick organ >:}

The image however was really interesting to be honest. Church Shootout... like in the old western setting?

You struck a memory in me, because my song Gazing at the Sunset is based around a story of friends in the old western setting, dying through their wounds.

In any case, thank you for the review, i'm glad you liked it!

A portriat of sound!

Very vivid in terms of tempo and rhythem. Great dissonance that make you think, but consonantly flow through the piece. A bit short and could call for expansion but it is very good as it stands. Another job well done M Rage.

MaestroRage responds:

Thank you again TsizzinC. It COULD use an expansion for sure, and truth be told this piece could be much longer. However it serves it's purpose well for what it was made for.

This piece was also to push my understanding of instrument communication better.

Thank you for the review, I am glad you liked it!

sweet XD

Hmm...deflektor i think had a point....the timapni are kinda sounding weird to me, but as i continue to listen to this on repeat, they grow on me pretty quickly, so its not that big an issue for me XD

The choir was beautiful...*jealousy* where did you get that?

Great mastering! As always it sounds flawless.

The only real problem I had with it was that it was short, but I understand its for an intro to a game, so, I cant complain too much there XD

Another job well done!

Keep em comin, we cant get enough!!!*at least i know i cant anyway XD


MaestroRage responds:

The timpani are really done differently this time around eh? I went to listen to a live orchestra last week and their timpani was played differently then how I play it. It had such a large role, such a powerful tool, that I immediately realized I wasn't even using the timpani to half it's potential. Trying to understand it better was more difficult then I thought, and as a result the timpani sounds a little awkward here.

That will change with experience :D.

The choirs are from East West Symphonic Choir. Damn brilliant VST I tell you.

I'll keep em coming my good sir! Purely so that I can kill you through subliminal messages one day >:}

Thank you for the review, i'm glad you liked it!



MaestroRage responds:

I'm glad you liked this one a good deal! It has a much more intimate build between instruments and diversity then most of my others. Always learning one thing at a time!

Thank you for the review, glad you liked it!


Let's see, then.

First of all, who or what is Septenary?

Okay, okay, to the music.

My main complaint is that overall, the tune lacks of power and intensity. When i hear "defiance against the Gods", i imagine the wrath of the Gods, angered by the folly and arrogance of the man. But don't forget that is MY interpretation.

Also, at the moment where enters the drum bass (or timpani), these drums seems out of place.

Great mastering, though. The way you get from the strong part to the quiet choir is mastered, too.

Well, i don't have anything else to say. I'll gave a 5, anyway, since the only complaint i have is the drum bass stuff.

PS: If this interests you, i released "the Chariot", and i think this one is one of my best.

MaestroRage responds:

the song was meant to compliment the intro cinematic Septanary (the programmer) made, and truth be told the ending was planned originally to be much louder, angrier, as you said, it would have been really epic. Sadly I was already really late and building an appropriate angry end would have taken at least another half day. Not wanting to mess up the schedule I made the ending angelic.

I don't quite see the timpani being out of place... there is one part where it plays a mess of notes, which I should have watched out for :/...

Thank you for the review Deflektor, I will definitely make my way down to see The Chariot. I'm glad you liked the piece!

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4.06 / 5.00

Apr 26, 2007
2:57 PM EDT
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