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Apr 26, 2007 | 2:57 PM EDT
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Rated 4.06 / 5 stars
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A intro song for Septenary's game, a man defies the reign of the gods!



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I believe everyone is saying "Epic!" for every one of your songs. I don't have time for a story, unfortunately, so I'll just review the song.

The melody is great, and I like the flute part. However, there is one thing that is lacking in your recent songs. Variety. The song stays basically the same. There needs to be more variety.

Also, your songs are too short. -.-

Anyway, 4/5

Keep making more music! :)

MaestroRage responds:

this one is meant to be lacking in variety as it is supportive music for the cinematic. I didn't want to make it very varied or it would take away from the movie.

My personal favorite part of this song is the choirs. I just love choirs :'(

Thank you for the review, i'm glad you liked it! I apologize for the delayed response!


Rated 5 / 5 stars


Interesing in the least Maestro. I'm afraid however there is just not enough coming from this piece to make a full story. But a clear image is formed on the other hand, so here it is. A young man stands before the coffins in a fueneral of his parents. He is young and in his mind he lacked the power to save them. For he had started to walk down the crooked wide path of evil in life. His parents tried in vain to save him but his stubborness and arrogance was so wide and broad that they could not get through to him. As a result as they cross a road, their minds preoccupied with their sons condition, they are both struck by a truck and die. The son, greived by this, drops to his knees and weeps. However, he stands up and he says, "I swear on your graves, and before God, that will for the rest of my life walk...the path less travelled...the path you both took. I failed once before to pick myself up and it took your lives in the process. I failed before...NEVER AGAIN!!" And with those solemn, strong, cryptic words the boy walks the strightist and narrowest of paths that very few take...and few continue to do so. Hey, it looks like I was able to get a story out of this! That's a surprise. By the way, it's been a while since I asked but how is that conclusion song coming along? I hope it's doing well. Keep up the good work...

MaestroRage responds:

Hey Zen.

You're right about that conclusion piece. It has been a long while hasn't it? It seems every day somebody needs a piece urgently, and work just gets larger and more daunting. I've worked less at school then I am now --_--"

But thats not a problem, it's slowly coming to fruitation. I hope I can get it done before the vacation this summer. I won't have a computer or anything else for about a month, so it's going to be really hard for me not to go insane.

As for the story, it is a shame that only the heaviest blows can reduce somebody to rubble, to rebuild again. Words mean so little, and yet could mean so much.

I suppose it is all entirely up to the speaker, and the listener, to how effective words can be.

Thank you for the review, i'm glad you liked this piece!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Ten for Ten

Hello again maestro. Well, this piece is about as perfect as you can get it I think. First off the sound clarity was excellent in this piece. I don't know whether you used a new program or what, but its good. Another thing, is that this piece had absolutely nothing out of place. Everything was in key and working together. The chior and the lone chime that begins at 0:53 completes the Intro quite nicely. Now, enough technical stuff.

This piece definately seems like an intro into an epic game or perhaps a character's primary theme. Excellent work on this one maestro. I would even go so far as to say that the piece would work well in a Final Fantasy game for a character's theme, perhaps a noble knight or a lone wizard? Well which ever, good work and keep it up.

MaestroRage responds:

Thank you Denver! The new sound feel is due to some work spent on equalizing better. I've been really going into shoving in as much as possible without damaging anything, and though it's been a tiring road, it has also been a rewarding one!

This piece was also me trying to use the whole orchestra better, using different brass and the flutes of which I neglected so much.

I am glad you thought it was Final Fantasy worthy, though I doubt they would agree XD.

In any case, you have the imagery right. The piece is indeed for a noble knight, who has forsaken the gods. Though noble and pure of heart, his deep rooted hatred towards them is as unwavering as his blade.

Thank you for the review denver, I am glad you liked this piece ^^.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Garr. I'm blown away. >:(

I'm working on an epic orchestral of my own and this blows mine away... dunno. Like idle air by a hurricane. XD Ironic how that relates to parts of my story. That aside: This is really, really epic.

You're definitely trying to be creative with your instruments, though the flute in the beginning doesn't quite fit - it fits just a second later but for a moment it sounds wrong. :\ I think it's measures 5 through 8. Sounds like a different instrument would fill that position at that point better... just a thought. That aside your efforts for originality aren't wasted as it makes the song that much better. :D

Just a thought... your melody, in places, is all quarter notes. And while the notes themselves, pitchwise, are great, the rhythms I think could have been a bit more creative than that. ;) It's the easy path to go with simple rhythms but knowing you, you should be able to put in that extra bit of effort to make it... that much better. ;)

Defiance is a VERY appropriate title for this song. You'll see in my story...

The view starts high in the sky, level with the sun and the moon, but rapidly descending through the clouds. Of many shapes and sizes, the clouds are everywhere and get lighter as the view descends farther. The sun is bright. Fast, visible currents of wind can be seen tearing up the air, moving in ribbonlike patterns, leaving trails behind them of the clouds they burst through.

The view shifts out of the range of the clouds and a great mountain takes up the full picture. Cone-shaped, green at the foothills and white at the summit, the view then expands and the clouds from before are shown in a different view than before : encircling the mountain. The sky is clear above the peak, however, and the camera rapidly shifts to that peak.

A man is climbing the mountain. He struggles - he has been at it for days. He is muscular, and gruff, and while not quite shady he holds a distinctly "wrong" feeling about him. Not evil, but not a normal person either. The mountain steepens as he approaches the summit but he refuses to allow the mountain to conquer him. Rather, he pushes onward.

Through one last mighty heave he reaches the summit. He stands at the top and beholds the panorama. He looks up at the sun, glaring angrily and menacingly down upon him, as if ready, but waiting, to strike him off the summit. He views the moon next. Its unusual paleness, despite its closeness to the sun, almost personifies fear within its rocky surface. Lastly, he views the clouds. He is the only one they do not offer shade from the harsh light and heat of the sun.

The man looks up at the hole between the ring in the clouds. He looks at the sun and moon again. He shouts. "Begone!" He casts his hands up. As the moon, slowly moving the entire time, envelops the sun, it (the sun) explodes in brightness. Long involved in a cruel struggle, these deities of nature have reached the trial of their lives. Did the moon provide safety for the man? Did the clouds keep out the incredible light for the rest of the world? Or has the sun finally overwhelmed the earth and all relating to it?

The answer is known by those who lived... if any.

Notice I tried to make this one match the theme this was made for... I think I did a pretty good job. :P What do you think? Does it match the epic-ness of the piece itself? Hope you enjoy the review, as always... great job with the song. Voted 5, looking forward to more... :)

MaestroRage responds:

The story was quite excellent! This person, though he may carry an essence of "wrong" he still commands such power? One would hope that the world does not anger such fierce forces... then again the sun did seem deem mankind appropriate for destruction :(

the bastard.

Again, it was an excellent story Karco, I really enjoyed reading it. Thank you for that.

Concerning your feedback.

You are right, the rhythim in several places are simplistic, often quarter notes, and this was purely to make the song blend in with the cinematic better. I mean if the song was too distracting, or moved around too much, it would actually hinder the power of the cinematic. For this purpose, nice long, or steady quarter notes.

I know what you mean with the flutes, where I have failed this time, I will succeed in the next!

Another awesome review Karco... where DO you get the energy!?

Thank you greatly for the review, i'm glad you liked it!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

wow. incredible.

This song was so flawless, I am speechless!

Actually, i'm not! Hear me out, this was one hell of an intro song. I cannot eve begin to imagine what the climax of the game's music will like!

I'm afraid I didn't get the feeling of defiance from this piece, despite the powerful brass and title. It seemed bold, yes, but also ambient. Like, a marching army, not yet near battle, but both eager and fearful to find out what is yet to come.

This song was quite good, to say the least. The dynamics were perfectley chosen and placed. I must learn how to get some decent brass that doesnt come in an 800 dollar sound pack like the ones you use, lol. Don't get me wrong, i'm sure they are very handy and worth the price, but I honestly don't have that kind of cash! So here I end my review, keep spitting out one quality song a week, you're simply too awesome for words.


MaestroRage responds:

A climax!!!

I KNEW we were missing something >_<!!!

Then again the project was already at 10 megs which is Newgrounds absolute limit, so we had no room for another song, unless we severely degraded the quality of what we had, which I personally did not really want to do. All the songs for the game were reduced as much as possible without jeopordizing sound quality.

As for some good brass, I don't know if you know this site.

but that site has a LOT of soundfonts. Some are brilliant, but a lot of them are pure crap to be honest. If you have the energy, then search away!

I appreciate the compliments, I am glad you enjoy the works :D. I will try to keep them coming, I hope you will be around to listen to some of them ^^.

Thank you for the review, once again i'm glad you liked the piece!