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Author Comments

Cinematic post-scarcity punk ancom alt-rock IDM. Bringing sound design to the next level. Gonna make Hans Zimmer and Avicii look like a newbie.


This work was inspired by the novel Walkaway from Cory Doctorow. Walkaway is about young people start their own communes of post-scarcity anarcho-communist with abundant technology like 3D printing and artificial intelligence. Doctorow has always been endorsing anarchism in his works (Little Brother, Homeland, Pirate Cinema), but Walkaway takes it to the next level.


Communism is post-scarcity economy, unlike cyberpunk (post-modernism) where it's ancap world. Both post-scarcity and post-modernism are future realism where our world is already there. The difference between post-scarcity and post-modernism, is the former is applicable You have free healthcare? That's communism! Free education? That's communism. You have sick leaves, vacations, 8 hours work a day, weekend? Literally won by anarchists and communists. Communism is in your everyday's life, you don't just realize it.


The copyleft and warez subculture, are examples of post-scarcity culture. DIY and maker culture, are post-scarcity. We already live and breathe in it.

Whether it was socialism (Paris Commune/ZAD), anarchism (Catalonia), syndicalism (EZLN/ Free Territory), or communalism (Rojava), or state socialism (China/USSR/Cuba)... The end goal is always communism. They are in separable from each other.


DOWNLOAD THE BOOK: http://download1.libgen.io/get.php?md5=E9E393B4CCF16F609B6418F2D65BBE4A&key=QAYTRY5YSE0YEHBZ



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This one was really long, but the quality was top notch stuff, I am amazed at all the sound quality you put fourth in this one and Im pretty impressed with this one very nice style, lots of nice flavour in this one Really loved how you started this one off aswell, very good work.

No need for any changes on this beautiful piece, very solid work.


An impressive piece, though looking at that waveform... it's really on the edge regarding the loudness! Wonder if all frequencies really come through as well as they could like this. Love the brooding feel overall, but the sound does seem a bit thick; hard to pick out any particular bit in the mix.


zybor responds:

Thank you for your review dude :D

Similar situation to LSD as this is the first thing I'm listening to today while I'm with my daughter, and I was just thinking that you really do have a certain language. As I read the description, it makes sense to me why I feel your music describes a futuristic, urban setting. It's a similar mindset to Vangelis's work in Bladerunner as he describes a dark, technological future. It's the machine-like rhythm you have throughout while that vibrato singing overlaps it that reminds me most to to the previous generation's approach to describe this future in music. If the question back then was "Do Androids dream of electric sheep?" that ultimately birthed a piece of music called "Rachel's Song," then the next generation music that your music fits so well in would propose a similar question and that is whether "Does Rachel dream of her electric children?"

zybor responds:

:O You are back!!!!! How's the family doing? Must be awesome to be a busy daddy! :)

About the dark and technological future we are approaching, it's quite unsettling. Transhumanism interests and influences most of my work. But overtime I come to realizing that we would never be able come to that utopian future. Our resources are finite, climate change getting worse, droughts and famines ruin millions worldwide. How could I sit idle and fantasize about future when people in America drown in super hurricanes like Sandy and Harvey? How could I talk about flying car or laser gun, where my birth country battling the largest drought in SE Asian history? Did you know that the Syrian war was not being fought over bullshit like democracy? It was caused by the severe drought in the country back in 2008-2009 that murdered thousands, which led to the uprising of Arab Springs? Same for Yemen war that right now millions are dying from famine where the world literally stood by idling because of the proxy war caused by Saudis and NATO.

My music might spoke for a technological future, but they also speak for the future that the people of this world heading toward. It contains pain and sorrow that I wanted to outcry and raise awareness about the problems we could already be facing, and to find compassion. Most passerby who listened to my stuff would not notice much beside "oh these sound design are cool yo" but long time listeners and friends like you and LSD will find the intended meanings or themes of my work almost instantly from the first listen. The structureless and almost seemingly random arrangements, are the symbols of chaos. Because there is no such thing is order. I don't want to live my life and believe in order and justice, where my whole life is revolving around chaos and sorrow. Neither our world were it seemingly peaceful. No such thing is that. To quote Werner Herzog:

Civilization is like a thin layer of ice upon a deep ocean of chaos and darkness.

I hope for the bright future for all of my friends and their love ones. Anybody on this planet deserves a beautiful life. And I believe in that future. But that future can only be in existence, without capitalism and states.

I listened to this twice, while waking up. It helped me Walkaway from my bed ;)
It's a great piece, and it's a wonderful listen in the background. It's also good for just listening too :D
Wonderful work ^___^

zybor responds:

Thank you for your review! :)

Credits & Info


3.71 / 5.00

Apr 29, 2018
3:28 PM EDT
File Info
23.3 MB
10 min 11 sec

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