Talking Real - What Do I Want? (S3E3)

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No links, just the future. I've been doing a lot of thinking lately, and I've realized my life isn't what I once thought it was, and now I know why I'm not happy. It's time for change.

Prepare yourselves, this is the controversial episode. No, this isn't the end of Talking Real.

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Hobbies shouldn't feel obligatory, that's why they are hobbies, not jobbies. (thrown out of the building)

Just remember that cutting entire activities completely out of your life isn't always completely necessary.

By all means don't do things you don't enjoy, and definitely don't think there is ever an
outside pressure to make something creative when you aren't feeling it. Should you however feel like making something one day after a long break, don't feel like you should avoid it.
The best results come from when you are enjoying yourself/want to do it, that's why I know you'll be a good voice actor. :)

With that said, I hope you find your passion in something else and you can achieve happiness.
Voice acting can be a blast and I'm sure there are tons of other ways to entertain yourself.
Rock on my dude! :P

RealFaction responds:

Yes indeed, that I realized. Music can be fun sometimes, but I feel I'm moving on from it. Also I realized a number of things. It'll be explained in my new podcast series, my autobiography of it all, episode by episode.

See, you get what I mean. But yeah, basically. Thanks.

Good luck on your journey man! Your music is great, even if you're not passionate to keep creating. Find your peace in life and have fun doing what truly makes you happy. Best of luck from Minty!

RealFaction responds:

Thanks. I really want to be happy, have fun and have that peace.

Hey man, sorry to hear you're not that into creating music anymore these days. Having to force yourself to do something is likely to suck the fun out of any activity at some point, which is probably what you're experiencing right now. In that regard it makes perfect sense to take a break from making music for a while.

That said, you could always still produce music on the side, right? To me, it almost seems like an "all or nothing" decision now, but if it's something you enjoyed doing before, why not keep it as a simple "hobby" rather than a forced "passion"? I personally think it'd be a shame if you were to throw the baby out with the bathwater, especially since your skills have developed a lot over the last years.

I do admire your dedication to look for things that you're passionate about, though. In that sense, I agree that you really should be doing stuff because you like doing it, not because you feel pressured to do so. Perhaps letting go of the pressure might even create new passions for old hobbies.

Anyway, thanks for sharing this with us, and I wish you all the best!

RealFaction responds:

After 12 years, I guess I got tired of it, but the point of all this was, I think I got tired of it years ago. Sometimes it was fun, but I always was hard on myself and I wasn't doing it for myself, but to be noticed. I want to find something I can do for me. But yeah, basically what you said.

No. I don't want to make music at all anymore. It's not fun anymore as I said. I just can't find it in me to want to anymore, there's no substance in it for just me. After so many years, I guess I got burned out and bored. I want to be true to myself.

It is a shame though, I do want to say I'm good at it, or at least decent, but all of this was imitation, I can't do anything anymore if I know it's an imitation, a mimic just for the attention. With the memories attached to this and why I did it, realizing it all now, I can't do it anymore. It would be destructive.

Well, yeah what you said in the last line. Old hobbies, maybe. I do kinda miss riding a bike around town and BMX'ing, used to do a bit of that as a kid. I have a lot more room now, so I'm just wondering what to do, I plan on seeing a psychologist and taking a career test, because right now I'm drawing a blank. I know some of the stuff I still like and what to do, but a lot of it is a bit of a mystery. I want to find something that expresses me, that I can pursue a career in.

Thanks! I'll be thinking a while on how to retire with style, a tribute video and maybe song to my past work. 12 years is a while. I know I'll still be doing the contests so those won't be going anywhere, or Talking Real, or voice acting.

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