Story Time With Seven Episode 3: Revenge of the Something not copyrighted


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Did you enjoy hearing about how stupid I was in episodes 1 and 2? Then you'll love hearing more dumb things I did when I was a teenager.

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I loved your story! Yeah bras suck! I remember when I was 9 years old and my father took me to Walmart. Before we got out of the car he noticed I wasn't a bra (I was a little kid) and he said “I’m not taking you out in public like that. That’s disgusting!”. At the time I didn’t think nipples showing through the shirt was wrong and I told him bras hurt (because they do) and then I started crying😆. He drove me back home and dropped me off while he went to Walmart. When he came back home he screamed “never do that again! Wear a bra”. As an adult I only wear a bra half the time 😆 So I know how you feel with the bra thing.

Also, your neighborhood sounds badass. First there’s an old lady with a Doberman then there’s an old lady with a wolf. I wouldn’t want to screw around in that neighborhood. In your story I noticed that you felt quite a bit of peer pressure. Everybody wants to be accepted into some group. That’s only human.

Here is my theory of what happened to Mitch. Maybe Mitch tried to break into her house, she had a heart attack and died, and he got taken away to juivie for breaking and entering.

Also I want to say that I’m thankful for that wolf (she protected you from that creepy dude). About the wolves being legal, I know there is pretty much no restrictions with exotic animals in Alabama,Winsconsin and Ohio. Places like Florida and Louisiana have only a tiny bit of restrictions. I know a dude that has a pet fox. That’s a cool alternative to a wolf.States near California have heavy restrictions for exotic animals.

SevenSeize responds:

My mom was the one forcing bras on me!
It comes off as soon as I get home, lol
I am in Louisiana! Maybe I CAN have a wolf!!!

Thanks for this this is awesome getting to hear a story from your past !

SevenSeize responds:

And I havent learned a THING!


Well at least you didn't call me a slow old man lol, but yeah, perfect pacing this time around. I did initially get confused at what time of day you.. tried your first hand at b/e, guessing there was still enough light in the sky when you were sulking around empty homes.

My only dog bite scars are also from a Doberman, sucker held on for about 10 minutes when I was 6 or 7. I told my slightly older playmate I couldn't hang out inside, because.. the dog. So no Kool-Aid, air conditioning and cookies, just a bloody arm and a shit-ton of sweat and broken emotions. Still don't trust certain breeds of dog to this day. It is true what they say, that animals smell fear... don't try it around caged animals though, a penned in stampede causes a lot of damage.

So, 4 cloves of garlic a day and some greek germy yo-gurt, and that will beat various blood infections? Good to know, also good, is holding this plant's leaf's underside to broken skin http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plantago_major works best between May-June, when there's lots of purple left in the stem. Amazing anti-coagulent, also stops gangrene... but then again, best anti-gangrene agent is still maggots :p

Excellent story told well, the minor asides were appropriate and in no way detracted from the linear telling. You're getting very good at this, gg lady ;)

SevenSeize responds:

Thanks, and it's good to hear from you :-)

Glad you're still in the game, 7C's. Long time no see (used to be Stetich)

This is hilarious. What a story. I feel like we all did stupid stuff as kids to "prove our worth". My friend and i once stole the paint cans from our high school art storage and dumped it on every toilet in the school. He got caught and arrested. I was too fast for them. Couldn't go back to school for a while. Not that i was suspended, i just didn't want to get arrested. I ditched XD

That's a crazy series of events here. Lot of firsts. Was that doberman your first scar too? That part with the old whiny lady had a dark twist to it. Do you really think that it happened like that? That your friend Mitch did it?

I'm gonna have to give a listen in on your other episodes. Good to hear from you again

SevenSeize responds:

Hi hi hi! Yes I remember you, good to see you!

If you listen to the other episodes, I have other scars, lol.

Your story deserves it's own episode!

I've been waiting for one of these!

Also, I can relate to tons of scars on my dominant hand. Molten metal, glass, you name it. I was really stupid cerca 2005. Also, I've only watched a few episodes of Daria -- wasn't popular when I was old enough to appreciate it, but what I have watched was good; of course, I mostly watched it because my middle school band teacher said I reminded her of Daria, possibly while she thought I wasn't listening.

Really weird how that lady ended up dying, suspiciously when Mitch didn't call your sister. Wonder if you could find a local headline on it, or an obit.

Also, I'm surprised people say you talk fast. That's not exactly something the south is known for.

SevenSeize responds:

Lol about talking fast, us southerners are supposed to be slow talkers, right?

I might go dig and see if I can find out what happened to her. It was 1996 or 1997.

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