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2:05, listen thru, i think it gets slick at the end. rate/review, dont blam my song noobs


really awesome

Too bad NG idiots probably couldn't make it past the awesomely wierd intro.
This is a song I would seriously recommend redoing, with your new skils I think It has the potential to be really really excellent. I would be carefu with those really static'y synths though, they have a tendency to make the mix sound very dirty (not in a good way).

Hot track!!!! Good house!!!!

Nice intro, well get anyone attentiopn 2 get 2 da dance floor, Can play dis track n my set dude, I like it....Dj Mystro

p4c responds:

yayy!! didnt see that coming lol. maybe i should come back to this and mix it better, but thanks for the rev :)

House review

Have not reviewed this genre for a very long time. Well it is noisy, that I can tell you. The drums sound good. The clanging of whatever that instrument is...is that you playing it via midi or is that a drum loop? Briefly it reminds me of ppl hitting the cow bell at sporting events as loud as they can. The bass is nice too. Is house supposed to have a common pattern through the entire song? It has some decent diversity, but if house is supposed to be repetitive than I guess good job. Again I know nothing about what makes good house music. I get what you mean by the end getting slick. I like that guitar sounding instrument you use. So just to be safe I'll give you straight 10 across. Once I review more house songs I can give you a better review. 5/5 vote too. Bye for now

p4c responds:

ty for the rev! im not sure what u mean by the cowbell thing, not sure what exactly ur talkin about since basically everything are digital unreal sounds here lol

well i think that for judging a genre you shouldnt need to follow any cookbook "what makes agood track" ideas, jst go with what sounds good, what sounds interesitng, and maybe ull find what actually is cool and interesting to ya, cuz otherwise ur stifling creativity by stereotypin music... so w.evs thanx for the rev!! :D


talk about distortion!
that distortion rox my sox! sweet song. i could learn alot from this. i cant really give you much constructive criticism because this song honestly kicks ass dood
from the nice intro to the outro i think this song could make it to the top 5 weekly. or it would be a shame if it didnt =(
thanx for giving me the pleasure of listening to this your great music and thanks for taking the time to review my noobish/experimental music!

p4c responds:

hehe i guess it was a shame then, score capped out at 3.57 and no honors :( maybe i shouldve reviewed more to get the song out more popular :P

well no problem dude :)


not bad kid, you got some high quality stuff. this piece is perfect, the only flaw is that it's not 100% original, let's say it's somewhere in the 90%. Great beat though really loud, great for dancing to. Much better than ordinary house I think. Damn, Reason has some real high quality sounds, no wonder all the reason tracks i've heard sound so bombastic. thanks for reviewing my stuff, yeah i suck ass, but i'm learning, probably will start using reason for some more ass-kick-ish compositions. Keep it up yo, and don't let yourself down cause there are haters, there'll always be haters.

p4c responds:

hehe ty :D i think we are all learning, bro. i do admit that i did pull segments out of loops for some effects, so the originality complaint is justified, but it came out well :D

yeah reason has a lot of nice samples and loops. with some distortion/added reverb, lo-fi sounding stuff could be spiffed to the max :D btw (assuming you read this) what program do u use currently?

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3.81 / 5.00

Apr 15, 2007
3:49 PM EDT
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