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My third song that I made while also doing Let's Create Music videos on YouTube. This was coming out of a time where I was making big changes to who I had in my personal company, and coping with the necessary loss.

Enjoy, and be excellent to each other!


Watch the song get made here:

Intro (spoken)
Hey welcome to my head
Looking better than it's ever been
A bit cluttered, but I still get
Around because I barely let people in

Verse 0.0
I've always been this way
Live a life where nobody is okay
An inner struggle which I fight to prevail
A life-long quarrel which I will not let hail

I stand, and I observe
With a doubt that I will ever be heard
Never feeling justified in my skin
I force myself to be an optimist

Verse 1
I shine so fucking brightly
I look around, people feed their misery
Taking miles when they're given an inch
Cause they don't use the tools to scratch the itch

Before the void can pull me down
I step back, and listen to how it sounds
Try to piece together all that I know
Not everything has come to show

Here I go again, outside looking in
Watching all of them acting ignorant
I turn away

I Reject, I detest
Everything you have to say, so
You can just fucking go away
I reject, I deflect
All of your conformities
Society's normativities
I reject, I regret
Having to fall into line
What a giant fucking waste of time, you
Try to change me, I will reject
Try to tame me, I will defect
I cannot fit into your box
Don't even think to try
Fuck off and go,
I like to be alone.

Oh shit, you're back again!
Don't expect me to hold on to your sins
I could suggest a better way to live
But there's no point, I know you won't listen

Verse 2
Actions speak louder than words
But patterns scream beyond the minute behaviour
Just shut up a second, can you hear
Or does the song make you want to jeer?

I won't take it anymore
I have no problem pushing you out of the door
If my noise is too much for you to take
I will rejoice at the distance I will make

Pre-Chorus (same as before)

Chorus (same as before, until...)
Try to change me, I will reject
Try to tame me, I will defect
I cannot fit into your box
I thought by now you'd know
If you don't learn
You're just a fucking worm

Verse 3
You witness, here I hold
I don't care what you think will unfold
I'm driven here to give it my all
No shame if I have to crawl

Don't have time to be fake
Cause in the end, it doesn't matter anyway
So take your fucking head out of your ass
And take a long look at the beautiful grass


I cannot fit into your box
I'll freeform on my terms
So don't ask why
And let me fucking fly

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Rad tune brother. Nice work all around! different style of vocals all over, was pretty fucking entertaining. I found the synth or whatever it was kind of distracting through the faster bits, but it was perfect through the "I reject..deflect bits". Anyways, super cool tune..\m/

Pure-Metal-UTA responds:

Hey thanks man! Great to hear from you again! I'll keep those synths in mind in my future projects!

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Mar 18, 2018
12:23 PM EDT
Heavy Metal
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