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Mountains beneath

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Author Comments

Extremely happy melody



Don't even know if you're still around Newgrounds anymore, but here's a review.

I first heard this song over three years ago. I downloaded it, put it on my iPod, and listened to it regulalry for several months until my iPod met an unfortunate end. With it, Mountains Beneath died, and I eventually forgot about this song.

Now browsing through my favorites, I stumbled upon it again. I haven't heard this song in over thirty months, but I remember each beat, each key stroke, each slap of the drum.

I'm getting all nostalgic. Great song, dude.


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Reminds me of Kokiri...

Wow the Kongo, Flute, Keyboard, and Maracas blended in like an angel Im workin on a report so bye!

I like it :)

In the beginning you have this fast paced melody that I really liked...in my mind I can hear a subtle echo to it, and maybe a couple slightly off-time tracks to give it that extra emotion...I think the New Age Pad would be nice here :D.

Those "beats" (to keep it simple here), that pop up around 00:24 are nice...but I think that in someways they are somewhat unnecessary...they just don't feel like they REALLY add to the audio. Sorry T.T

00:39 The strings make themselves known...and I must say that you did a great job with those...I just wish that they had stayed in longer...GOD this audio has so much potential!!! T.T.

01:48 You start with a higher pitched area with the strings that I liked...though I am hearing it being played to a great rise in drama with the piece...it just sounded like you could have kept the strings going, adding another track with more orchestral strings in it, and maybe some type of horn...not sure which...man...the hair is rising on the back of my neck just thinking about it =.=.

01:52 RIGHT HERE! This is where I would have just let the note slide for a bit and THEN introduced the tracks that I am talking about above...man oh man........T.T REMAKE THIS ONE! XD.

I dunno...it is your choice...regardless, you did a good job here...I just believe that this could have been so much greater than it already is...and um...pardon my craziness...its late, I am tired, and I am pretty damn sure that this is my alter ego talking XD.


Interesting :D

This is indeed quite a happy piece. Those bongo/congo drums really add that feel of rawness, that raw energy and happyness of a simple life. Makes me think of like small kid in a village running through the fields, with friends laughing it up...

a good image, I really liked it.

I really like that percussion line. Quite diverse, and though it's repetitive, it never gets old.

I love the oboe introduction with the strings, that was well done. Though I wonder how the song would have sounded with both the flute and the oboe going off...

maybe even some french horns for a more epic, kingdom like feeling. Then again that depends entirely on if that was in fact the image you had in your head during the construction of the piece.

In any case, a truly useful song. Well done Meteor, a well deserving song.

Well, it's about time I reviewed this one...

I took my time, didn't I? :\ Sorry about that...

Anyway, this song so far is at where the drums have just been introduced. But going back, I'd like to point out how, between the melody, there's a fast rhythm playing, and the song brims with energy. That's a very nice touch.

You could have built on that feeling, but you go tribal/etc. upon introducing the drums, and later, strings and... an oboe? A woodwind of some kind.

Very simple at times but always full and always meaningful. It's a great style of yours. Don't let it go... ;) I don't know many people that can have only a few instruments and then at the same time have their songs so full-sounding like that. And then the rhythms of the instruments, and their notes, they all blend together so well to contribute to the same attitude. I wouldn't call it extremely happy, though... :P VERY good job.

Your drums... they're unique and the rhythms are especially creative. You said in response to my last review for a song of yours that you're a drummer, but it takes an extra amount of skill, I think, to be able to create rhythms for another type of drum kit entirely. :D

Great atmosphere in this song, I shouldn't have taken my time getting to it. >:( Bah. How'd it get to 2.50? I'm going to insta-5 it right after I click that submit button. Now to review that loop of yours...

MeteorSuit responds:

Theres a few things I wish I had fixed before submitting this one. One being the volume of the oboe, I realized it was quite a bit piercing, and in the end when it comes back into the beginning line, the second piano clashes with the sustaining notes.

Knowing you still really liked this one makes me feel awesome :) Thanks K

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3.97 / 5.00

Apr 13, 2007
12:10 AM EDT
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2.2 MB
2 min 24 sec

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