Karbon - No Escape [MAC7 Loop]

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For the MAC7 contest. Battle style.

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Research labs :)

mad but!

RLAB bass pack!

I was wondering how you got those sounds until I stumbled upon that FTP

whateva. cool drums.

Um... this song is "down with the sickness"

Its the tortured bass entry. Who knows how you managed to mangle the bassline in such a cool way. I like it. Sounds like pure high voltage electrical current from a telephone pole trying to sing as it zaps nearby pedestrians.

Besides the bass there not much to it though. Its a very simple track, that is to say a little too simple. No real melody, but theres a sort of theme provided by the asphyxiation of the bass. Did I mention that bassline is sick? Like literally sick, I think it has laryngitis.

I do think some high tones could have helped you here. That bass screams into the entire spectrum, but even where it doesn't needs some coverage from a higher synth. Without, the loop sounds good but a little lacking.

I like that first sound you got in this. I really don't know what that is. It sounds like it should be easy to describe, but I can't for some reason. I think I already used all my adjectives on that bassline and I'm fresh out. Shit what a pointless paragraph...

The drums are cool. I need some good drum loops, mine are all shit, but this one is sick. Not like the bassline sick, either. This is more like the bubonic plague or Spanish flu type of sick.

The loop is pretty obvious but if I'm not paying attention I can't even notice it. Fuckin' mp3's eh? I almost stayed out of the contest because mp3's are such a bitch to get looping correctly. Nothing special here on the loop, but its better than average and as a .wav there would be no gap.

A very good loop but its lacking in some areas. I think you should have given it a little bit more effort, because what you got sounds good so you obviously have the skillz to improve it even more. Overall its fun to listen to so who gives a fucckkk - just vote five and shut the hell up, right?

Seamless loop. Great vibe. loopmarker at start.

Something about those particular drum sounds really makes me smile. Not the rhythm - cool but unoriginal and 'obvious'. More the actual drums played and the way the sounds all match up. And it has a certain echoing quality that I really like.

Seamless loop.

The high-pitched note at the start is maybe too much of a 'loop marker' for my tastes - sorta disrupting the flow and getting annoying after a while. If you have variety in a loop, make it more subtle variations.

I love the weird bg noises and the vibe.


the bass sounds tweaked, stretched and gritty as fuck, how do you make a bass like that? sounds like it's getting tortured :D

The drums are great, though repetitive they do make the rhytm there. The little ride was very annoying when I remarked it

Could need something else than drum and bass and the little fx in the start though.

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Apr 11, 2007
8:05 PM EDT
Drum N Bass
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