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nother unfinished track that will remain so, again, couple oh nice bits

i must say, this is quite depressing going through commenting on all these, some of these tracks show a real abundance of imagination i seem to be lacking these days, the sound pallettes of the this and the couple of songs above are real interesting.
1:20, vocals sound real radiohead, unintentional i think, sounds good tho


fucking ell

Brilliant. Dunno what it is but this track really does something for me. Love use of instruments and that. I dont think it could be improved.

snoballandthmonyshot responds:

come here, i wanna take your head off with a shovel,

Wow, great lo-fi shit man

I find this sound reminiscent of Glib's track "Man on the Moon".
Great dude.
These are the kind of tracks I overlisten cause of pure geniality.
Damn this is great

I maybe like this one even better than things snowball..
Whatever, it's great.

snoballandthmonyshot responds:

anchoveeee is better imo


Hi there, the Ped (i mean pedro, you perv...yup)
Long time no see, yup! Time to review, then, yup!

The first that stroke was the feel, the mood, yup. Strange mix of blues and lullaby, or something like that, yup!

The way you got from the first to the second part was really quick but effective, yup! I haven't been shocked or something, yup!

The second part sounded more like a rock song, mainly because of the beat and bass, i think, yup!

On that part, there was that guitar and these choirs, yup! They reminded SO MUCH of Mike Oldfield's tunes, yup! And i like alot Mike Oldfield ,yup! So i like alot that part, yup!

I guess i said everything, yup! Too bad it's not complete, 'cause i like it, yup! Got a 5 from me, yup!

Hum... yup!

snoballandthmonyshot responds:

slap my knee and call me oldfield

strange and wonderful

Very odd track - I really dig it though, I had a very hard time catching the beat - I had to struggle with it a bit.

I personally like that sort of thing but you know how a lot of people are - if it aint a 4x4 then thay can't handle it.

I like the time signature changes - or at least what I'm thinking are changes. This is a very cool little mish-mash of great sounding clips. Popping from one feel to another like that was also nice to hear.

I would want to hear complete tracks built from each section in this.

snoballandthmonyshot responds:

again i ran out of steam with it, i keep starting tracks and then realising i don't like them very much... i lose again


Great song. This is exactly the stuff I like to listen to. I've always looked up to your music and I
always will. I piss whenever you upload something new. Ped<3

snoballandthmonyshot responds:

that's cool, just make sure you're not looking up to me when i piss coz u post summin...

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Apr 11, 2007
3:23 PM EDT
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