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How does it sound? It sounded like brainwaves to me.


it got confusing

the sounds contrasted too much at some parts not exactly relaxing but if i were in a more hyper mood it ould have been more decent


Soooo this is how the Brainwaves of a kid on E is printed out? I can imagine the little printers, jumping in rythem of a rave song, but it's really just the brain waves of a kid on E. ha ha ha.

Nah, It's just a regular brain wave of teenagers from Shumagorath.

nice beat

yeah man i like it. the intro is hot and makes u wonder whats comin next. only thing is, when the actual drum pattern for the bass kick comes in, its some what distorted. not sure why....maybe because of all the synths in the track but not really sure. oh and i love the pluck that u have toward the end haha. thats hot. it appears ur a fellow fruity loops master. lol good job man. 5 outta 5 holla@chaboi

Great sense of style

I think I just found myself another favorite artist on Newgrounds....keep up the good work!

Gah, I'm a week late...

But I was going to get to reviewing this one sooner or later. Also, I think I'll point out your two gold tracks and your one platinum - they're either mass-downloaded or real, and in the latter case, congratulations. :) In the case of the former, however... >:(

No comments on the introduction... I hear your melody but it doesn't have any of that Nighthawk22 magic that some of your other songs, namely Variation D-19 and earlier did. :P I'm talking about composing... aah, there's some piano. It's good, but the same thing applies.

Your melody... it's good, but you can do better, I'm sure. >:( The lead isn't anything special, either. What I do like is when you introduce that guitar... it starts out awkwardly but then is AWESOME. :D Great choice there, though you should have been a bit more careful in the first part of that.

Harmonies... well, I have to point out how you put that extra effort into your bass, and the variation is very nice. The pads sound like "filler pads," though, and don't really stand out to me at all. And then these "filler pads" often get in the way of clarity as parts in this song are often a little fuzzy or distorted.

Percussion. What's new? It can make or break a song and continuing like this you won't get anywhere. Imagine if you applied at least a little of your composing skills to drum beats... it would make them a LOT better.

Now a new, weird lead synth, and apparently it's going freestyle. Well, it's okay but nothing special again. You need to improve, Nighthawk, and I don't see that happening as often as I used to.

Overall... well, the main problem is that you're not improving as much as you used to, so your songs are sounding more and more similar and less and less special as they used to. Remember the piano in the very beginning of Isolation, that I really enjoyed? I don't see any composing like that anymore. :( Keep trying...

NightHawk22 responds:

I'm gonna have to assume that Isolation and Alternate Dimension were mass downloaded, because when I checked last, Alternate Dimension was at around 460 and Isolation was at like 260. I had no part in this, and was very surprised to find that they were gold. This song I agree was not my best one, but I'll be putting out a new song on Friday, and I think that one is by far my best, still uses crappy drum beats, but still better

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Apr 10, 2007
8:30 PM EDT
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