Abendland - Alone I stand


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This is my first song for 2018. Sometimes, when life is hard and the world is trying to smack you down, you have to get back on your feet again and keep on going. It doesn't matter if the obstacles in your way are fearsome, horrific, unfair or nearly impossible to overcome, as long as you keep on going there will be a way. Take care and thanks for listening!


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Apart from the bass of the hits being too loud (could be my headphones) this is an enjoyable track with really nice instruments and samples, good job!

I'm not noticing the rhythmic issues Kwing pointed out. As I'm classically trained, these are fairly par for the course, and I would probably write my percussion similarly to accent those melodically bare sections.

I will comment that some sentences in the piece sound almost copied and pasted, with the individual notes on the ends of phrases just ported around to different keys. 1:48 is an especially bad offender. Do something with your velocity, slap in a forte piano, sforzando -- something to make that B side of the phrase stick out. This track is almost universally ff intensity, marcatos, accents, and staccatos. Rarely do we see much shifting in the winds.

Otherwise, only complaints are your mix. Somewhat boxy sounding in those low mids. Percussion almost has all the breath sucked out of it as well. This could be your samples, or it could be EQ as a whole. Make sure your percussion has a bit of that 18k+ range in there. You can probably fix most of the EQ issues on them with a multiband compressor such as fabfilter. May see some tutorials.

Because of the mix on the percussion, I see that you've had to turn that slamming tribal-ish rhythm line up, and they're covering up some of your auxiliary percussion. Examples at 0:31, 0:08, etc. Hits like 1:03 sound very muddled and occasionally as if mixed to loud. Coupled with some bad attacks like 0:56, some points just sound like an orchestra that hasn't practiced, if you'll pardon me. Throughout the tribal rhythms are pounding us with very heavy sub 200 Hz that is almost drowning out your melody and counter melody instruments, as well as accompaniment.

All in all, superb writing. Half a star knocked off for the lack of dynamic contrast in those drums. Another half for some sloppy attacks and lack of dynamic contrast in melody/accompaniment. Otherwise, lovely piece! I'm surprised you only have 6 fans -- or should I say... seven. ;)

WOW. This is incredible. High-quality, high-energy, and dramatic. Overall a very compelling listen.

There are a couple tiny (TINY) nitpicks I can make, mostly related to the rhythm - for instance, the drums just after the one minute mark feel overly complex. Usually I'm a huge fan of complexity, but for something that's supposed to function as background music, a simple, driving beat would bring the instrumentals to the forefront (as-is, it sounds a bit like the drums are stealing the spotlight.) The instruments also sounded slightly out of sync in the first 30 or so seconds of the track, to the point where I actually thought every fourth measure was skipping a beat until I went back and counted. Louder mixing on the percussion here would have made the rhythm a bit easier to follow here.

I'm not sure if you're familiar with other artists on the site, but this is of comparable quality to DavidOrr. I have no idea why you haven't amassed the same number of fans.

THIS SOUNDS HELLA GREAT!!! Nice work dude :D

Abendland responds:

Thanks m8te!

Sounds great

Abendland responds:

Thank you RemileOduen!

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Feb 13, 2018
3:27 PM EST
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