Dance to the beat now!

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I made all of this in one night!!! ^^ The end is amasing!!! You gotta listen to it! (4:30)



I'm amazed at how professional your songs sound!
"Dance," is a pretty good song. A wee bit too long, but
not that it really matters.


Hey FoD as I said Im not much of a techno fan but this is a nice tune, the instruments are well chosen and the mix is done nicely. Good layering at the end as well, the fade out is cool.

Good buildup at the start, though I thought it was drawn out a bit too much. Nice tune anyway, keep it coming!


Father-of-Death responds:

we!!! thanks!


First you're telling me to turn the noise off, and then telling me to shut the fuck up, thinking you can just demand me to rave (which is not my style at all DICKS GRR) and friggin dance to your stupid fucking beat. (jk)

having that said, this is a cool track. The main synth is damn great with the spacy square. Could like to see more diversity here though.


Father-of-Death responds:



i like teh gabber kick though, it's just my opinion

but thnx for this review...

the one you reviewed for "lion king" scared me...

Dance to the beat?

I refuse. But I will listen to make you feel slightly better about yourself.

Alrighty, here we go. Let's start with the basics. The organ you have going is nice, sets a solid tempo. But, the thing fucking with my head is that sine wave in the background; you set the delay time off. It's telling me that the song is gonna go faster than the other organ is telling me.

Also, the little filter thing you did with the organ was nice. Added a bit of variation.

You have a really damned crunchy kick here... accompanied with a crash cymbal? You are building up a lot of noise here, bro. Might wanna tone that down a little bit. Very nice kick though. But, let's talk about your sample choice: Why did you use that clap? If you have to resort to using that clap, just go and download a few snare samples or something. You'll get a much nicer, fresh sound. Everyone uses that clap sample and it's driving my head into the shitter.

The second thing I'm going to adress about your percussion is the DrillNB slice you used. First, very nice slicing. Second, horrid choice. Look man, it's not that tough to create your own loop. Look, just open up a new project, create your loop with your own samples, then export it as a .wav file into a folder where you keep your sounds and make sure that you "cut remainder". Then you can slice your own beat. Much better if people have never heard the loop you used before.

I'm not going to complain about your instruments. They fit the song, and I think that's all that matters. But, there is one thing I'd like you to do next time you use your own Vox. Vocode it. Take some time to learn how to use a vocoder, and you'll get a nice sound out of even a horrible recording of your voice.

If I've never given you a review before (I'm not sure if I have, to be honest) I'll just quickly explain how I go over your scores. I give you all 10s because I want you to interpret how I explain what I say to you. You choose the scores, not me.

Let's do it.

Originality: You used the same chord progression through the entire song; yes, normally that is required. But, if you wanted to add a bit of colour, I'd harmonize the bassline or something somewhere in the song so that you aren't playing the same notes over and over again. Also, don't use default FL loops, unless you plan to alter the fuck outta them.

Diversity: This was fine, same basic point as above though. I like how you change the drums though.

Clarity: The kick hurt my head near the end of the song with the filter; turn down the Q on the filter. Other than that, fine.

Effort: You tried on this song, I can tell. Evidence goes to the patterns and the changes in the melody n' shit.

Overall: You decide.

There you go my friend. Keep it easy;


Father-of-Death responds:

dude so much help here O.o

I love you!!!

I dont have anything to repsond on...

cuz everything was like right on the dot....

good review man! i'll definitly take all this in and remember it.


What IS IT with you and DEMANDING people dance, or STFU, or Rave, or ROFL, like seriously >:(! We're here to listen to your tracks, not be subjected to questional motives!

But this song, heh... I like this song. A lot.

The beginning was so simple, I was sitting here going "Please oh lawdy lawd, please let it expand like cancer, and expand it's horizons", and it tutelly did.

For work all done in one night, this is exceptional, I am lucky to get something done in a week, forget a night.

The really simple, but alarmingly catchy melody line is what made this song so damn enjoyable.

This definiately gets a 5 bomb, and just for you, i'll get up in computer class and do a little jig.

Especially since that voice told me too... I have no choice in this matter...

*dances to teh beat now*

Keep up the simply awesome work Fatheringness-esque, and keep up that good fight eh! (I also didn't find it that repetitive)

*dances away*

Father-of-Death responds:




you are the best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

thnx so so so so so much for your support!!!!!!!!!!!

i'm so happy right now cuz of all the support i'm getting!!!! ^^

THNX EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


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