_-={Arise Sleeper}=-_

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A poem that was written by a friend, in which I turned into a song. Poem in first review!


Can be used for any story

A masterfully crafted piece of music, it reminds me of the storyline of my character.

A long time ago, a race of machines existed on Zi, but not Zoids, they were, rather, living machines made of a living metal called "Turbidium." These beings called themselves the "Zuid'Tian" [Pronounced "Zoo-eed Tee-ahn] This ore was plentiful on the planet, and therefore, the inhabitants lived in peace. This would only last for so long, as a strange object fell out of the sky towards the planet.
After a violent impact, it created a parallel world where dark beings roamed, they were deemed, the Zi'Dar [Pronounced Zee-Dar.] The two races would soon begin fighting over control of the precious Turbidium, and the world would never know piece again. One weapon was forged by the forces of the normal world, called Gen'eaux [Pronounced Gen-ee-you, "x" is silent.] She would create an energy blast that wiped out the enemy, as well as her own creators, the Zuid'Tian, or so she thought, only one would remain, just one, whom would seal her in a chamber before dying of a mortal wound caused by the last Zi'Dar.
For thousands of years, she would sleep, until one day, a fortunate pilot finds her in the ruins that she was stored in.

Masterfully done.

This song is very good, as i was listening i got an image in my head, i will share it with you now. Start: It is raining as a knight and his company march towards their home after a battle with the monsters that have been invading their lands for the past few years. 0:20: The men realize something is wrong, where was the cheering of the townsfolk? Now not even a bird was chirping. 0:25: The men begin to run towards the town as they see smoke on the horizon. 0:30: They see that the towns gates have been broken. As they enter they see no dead, this adds to their fear that some of the monsters had slipped past their defences. 0:40: The knight hears a scream form the back of the formation, he turns around and sees one of the monsters eating the man alive. The monster sees him looking and runs at him, snarling and screaming for blood. The knight remembers how to kill the beasts and and cuts off its head, but before he does the monster calls for help, the knight and him men must prepare defences before the monsters reach them. 1:16: The men gather in the courtyard of the city, bringing any rubble they can find to form a barricade. A man approaches the barricade, he appears to be human, he is moaning in pain and asking for help. The men go to help him but when they notice a bite mark on his arm they know what they must do, one of the men killing the wounded man before he can turn into one of the beasts. 1:25: The knight hears the moaning of the monsters and knows that they are near. 1:35: The monsters approach the barricade slowly, knowing it would not be wise to charge headfirst into a wall of spears. 1:40: the battle begins when the first monster reaches the barricade, he is dispatched of quickly. Upon seeing their fallen comrade the monsters charge, not caring for their own safety, only driven by the desire to avenge their partner. Their desire increased every time one of them fell, fighting harder each time, but their desire to destroy could never match the knights desire to avenge their city 1:55: As the knight continue fighting they know it is hopeless, there are simply to many of the beasts to fight. They know they will eventually fall, their barricade already starting to crack. But they will kill as many of the monsters as they can, if only to teach them a lesson. 2:10: It starts to seem the men were wrong, perhaps they might pull through after all! but the knight hears a crack and looks over, the other side of the barrier has cracked! he orders his men to form a all with their shields. 2:30: The monsters wear through the wall of shields, the last few reaching him. He manages to kill the monsters but realizes he is the last one left. TO put an end to the plague he beheads his fallen comrades with heavy heart, but knows it must be done to prevent this from happening again. he then walks out of the city, never turning back. He has lived to tell the tale and warn the future generation of the plague. but now the monsters that were once so real have turned into myth, used as tools of entertainment.

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very good

not quite sure what to say about this one

Very Nice

This piece reminded me of two things; one was this line from DUNE: "Father, The Sleeper has awakened!" and two, a quote from Admiral Isadori Yamamoto: "I fear that all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve." (on Pearl Harbor). Well done!

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Ego sum orior oriri ortus

its latin. translate it.
a story:
And in that instant, he could choose to sink deep into the sleep and find peace or to rise from his slumber and bring justice. in the millisecond entire worlds flashed before him, more than just his own. In the end, he chose the greater good and delivered himself into the Lord's waiting arms.

quod is has ortus ex eternus dormio.
translate it to find out what it means.
and maestro: keep up the good work.

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