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(Gillenium) Muse - DEMO

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NG can't hold this baby! Here's a sample. Full version at http://www.myspace.com/gillenium

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what I said

I was reviewing the full version at myspace

Gillenium responds:

Awesome! Thanks for checking it out :)

reviewing the full version

I don't know why you submitted it to dance, it sounds a lot more ambient to me (at least in the start). Not as much as your others though. Wow this is long.

Okay... the pad in the start sounds really twisted and sick, but it's a good start. The other LFO thing you got there sounds spretty good too, makes a rising, digital feeling. I don't know about the high pitched squeaks though, they sound more scratchy than anything else. Do you have a bass there? In that case it's really low

It keeps the same very long. But then this fx thing's coming... it just seems like noise, it moves on to the part that contains some drums. This part is much better, it's catchy and dreamy. The reverse sine-like thing sounds fantastic.

A little repetitive at times, it seems to be the same one-bar repetation on the sine for a while. And so does many of the beats.

Then there is a break with some fx, which sounds great too, but it takes away a little of the style it had, and moves on to a harder part with all kinds of synth squeaks. I don't mind that part, it's okay I guess.

Now it comes back with underwater. I loved the square pad. Sounds professional as you add the little lfo and resonance.

And an industrial sounding sinking thing, sounds good, but I wish I could hear more of it later. Seems to be pretty random beats at times now, but they aren't noticable, you only hear rhytm and not drums at all... it keeps this way for reaaaaaaaaally long

Then you seem to end it. I like this part, a little more silent compared to the other track, but a great ending. I could like to see something else than the usual fade-out though.

So the summary should be

Awesome work!

Gillenium responds:

Hmmm, are you reviewing the demo here on NG or the full version on myspace?... well either way - Haha, everyone seems to think this is ambient! I have to admit defeat here... I thought for sure it was dance, but I'm gonna consider it ambience now. But, it's very dancey ambience! I know it's pretty repetitive, but that was kind've the point. I wanted to make a classic-style dance tune with limited drum change and fading synths, with my own personal touch, of course. I'm working on a club song now that's a lot more repeditive than this :D Not everyone has the patience for it, I know... I'm glad you finally gave a big review to one of my new tracks! Thanks for the review!

More ambient.

Yea, as they said, it's mroe ambient than anything else. IMHO, I classify dance as: "Solid Melody, Hard Synth and Drums." But, hey, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

What's great about it is that all of it is well mixed, well balanced. And the beat reminds me of one my favorite bands, Of Montreal (Landscape in your dream).

What's somewhat "bad" (I feel it is too harsh of a word, just couldn't think of any other term...), is the repitition at parts, Although, your choice
of synth, beat, and the mixing countered this to the point that it almost didn't matter anymore.

Keep it up.

P.S. drop by my profile and tell me what you think of my newer songs (Glory and At the Toy Store)

Gillenium responds:

Why does everybody think this song is ambient?? It does have some ambient sections, but the beat is clean-cut and pronounced. This is DEFINITELY a dance tune. But with an ambient touch, of course... I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for the review.

Dance Dance Gillevolution

YAY! I do believe this song should be a soothing dance added to everyone's collection of dance songs. If not I think they should be punched in the throat, or suggested to listening to better music.....something.

either way, this is as ambient as I like, with some great drums to keep you bouncing around. Although this is just a sample, its great (and ive heard the whole thing, :D im so lucky)

Keep it coming, and ill keep it reviewing. Cause i donno if you know this, but im ur biggest reviewer.....yeah you know this.

Gillenium responds:

Oh yeah... I know this, haha. You might not be able to call me Dance Dance Gillevolution for a while though... I'm all danced out. Working on a dance song is 100 times as taxing as working on an ambient tune. Just pounding and pounding beats all day long, the same beat, all the time! AGH! I'm working on ambient next, lol. Thanks for another review.


A very nice listen. It's calm and soothing but it courses with energy and life. Wonderful stuff. Hmm Dance? I suppose it could be but its leaning more towards ambiance in my ears. None the less this is fantastically done. Keep up the good work.

Gillenium responds:

Haha, even my dance songs lean towards ambience! It's definitely dance though, dude. My first ever dance song and my first song made in Ableton Live to be released. Thanks for the review.

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Mar 30, 2007
3:01 PM EDT
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