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_-={Passionate Freedoms}=-_

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Author Comments

They get up every morning to build their homes and live their lives, in freedom!


WOW, I wish life gave me this feeling...

Both a story for the countinueing ones I have been doing, and another, exclusive one if you will, just for this song, I one I wish were true.

Song: I don't even know what to say, it is all so harmonically beautiful I am in awe...the complexity of the rythms doesn't even through off any harmony in the song, and in fact gives one a lovely heart leaping feeling inside...unexplainable..

Story1:Part1: The Love is Planted. (The tainted hero while still part of the group, falling in love with a lovely ally).
Always he had had a chemistry with her, every time they met, they couldn't help but to smile. Every time one talked, the other always showed an uncanny amount of interest in what they had to say. Discussions were impossible to keep straight between them, as either one would like nothing else then to hear the other talk for an eternity. It was a fresh, youthful love, one that completely over took the minds of them when together.
Story1:Part2: As the Soil of Confusion breaks:
It was a wonderful night, a victory had been had, the air was warm, and the ocean was quite. The cool ocean breeze and the light of a full moon created a completely surreal atmosphere around them. The entire group had been celebrating the great victory and was rejoicing at the camp, no far from here. The leader and his Valentine had somehow wandered off from the group, to a not fire lit, but moonlit surrounding. They talked for a while, and could not keep from smiling, the warmth of one another could have kept them from saving the world if it had been ending. They looked at eachother after a long silence..embraced..and gave eachother a heartfelt kiss..
Story1:Part3: As it Blossomed:
Ever since that night, they could not help but to give a great smile, and embrace at every encounter with one another. And although the boundless amount of time they wished to of had together was never able to be fullfilled, the feelings given from one another indescribable, and the compassion infinite, they did not bother to hide their love at all, as the entire group would get a moral lift every time they were scene together, like reading a beatiful love story they got a little of that feeling, and by getting that feeling they were able to give a little...

Story 2: Wouldn't it be Nice:
In a simple world, where adventure was not a dream, but an occupation..where truelove isn't a fairy tail, but an event..and where freedom isn't a right, but a feeling..this is the kind of world I would love to live in..One with lands to be traveled that are completely unknown to you, enemies which are enemies to all and acknowledged for being so, were you don't even need to know someone for them to be a friend, Where you can just take off with a group of friends and all of you're belongings, run to an unknown land, and start over..One where no one is prejudged, but everyone is mindful enough to at least put themselves in anothers shoes from time to time, even if they came to the conclusion that what had to be done had to be done. A place where you can "Dance like nobody's watching; love like you've never been hurt. Sing like nobody's listening; live like it's heaven on earth." ~Mark Twain~

This piece is not only musically thrilling but an emotional fertelizer (for lack of a better term = P). Thanks for submitting this one. 5/5.

MaestroRage responds:

hmmm... such superb written words here magi!

The story is one that held deep for me, and your second story is one I dream of nearly on a nightly basis. A world so full of adventure, yet rigid enough to support itself. A world where people can be friends by merely shaking hands. True friends through actions moreso then words...

ah it hurts me to think it knowing it could never bo so...

As for the first story. A blossoming love eh? It is a blissful scenerio where the love between friends is fully supported, for there is nearly always a spring of jealousy in the steps of those following behind. A small unsquashable tinge of thought that complains non stop "but why can't I have that?!"

Then again, true comrades would not have this problem, where the benefit of one, benifits them all...

wonderfully written Magi, I enjoyed reading it all. Thank you for the review, i'm glad you liked it!

I've got a great story this time...

But as always, it's at the end. ;) How about we get straight to the review? :) (It's a long one, by the way. :D)

Hmm... it's okay in the beginning with the strings - nothing special, compared to some of your latest. The guitar sounds awkward when it comes in - as if parts from two different songs in the same key are put together - but once you support it with the drums and more strings, and build on that simple melody it gets a LOT better. :) And the progressions are great, too - your style's very prominent in this song at times. Aah, that was great - I especially liked that short break with the violin, "Stop!" and then right after, "Go!" and you come back in with the panflute. Now, if only you had some drums there like you did for the beginning... imagine that! :O

I like your melody in this song... it's not much of one, actually, as the song continues on a path, making turns, growing wider and narrower through the progression of the song. We'll hear more of that in the story... ;) Basically, metaphors aside, it progresses a lot and doesn't really come back to anything. :P And it works, too - nice touch there.

Your harmonies are great as well... and they seem to lead their own paths as well. Yet there are no clashing notes among the instruments... nice job. I do think you could have been a bit more diverse instrumentwise than simply a string ensemble - nothing wrong with the string ensemble itself, mind you, but the lack of much else. These and the panflute I feel I've heard all plenty of times from you... though the guitar in this song is showing me that you're trying, and you can definitely consider it a good idea. ;)

Overall it's a great song... it takes its time getting really good but once it does, it's great stuff. :D Keep up the great work.

All right... my thoughts on this song, storywise. It's always fun to do these... how, exactly, did you get people to start giving you these? I started because I saw other reviews for your songs including them and I decided to give it a try. Now I'm doing it because it's fun. :P

A young man from a small settlement has come of age and is leaving his hometown to pursue his dreams. His family is somewhat grieved that he finally has to go and it's like any parting between parents and their child - tears of happiness, goodbyes left and right and finally the son leaves, not looking back, now on his own.

He travels the world and is welcomed where he goes. His path takes its turns - at times it steepens and narrows, but he doesn't complain - he climbs it, teeth gritted, knowing to look forward to the top.

He makes it. He sees the view. The panorama almost distracts him from the last thing he should be forgetting, but he doesn't - he turns around and views the entire path behind him, and sees how far he's come. And there's his hometown, at the very end of it.

Then, looking at the path ahead of him, he finds no sure path like the one behind him. There are many potential directions he could go from here - one, however, is long, straight, not too steep, and so smooth it could have been paved. Yet he doesn't see past the bottom of the mountain.

He runs down, enjoying every step, knowing the climb was worth it.

I think this was an especially nice story... hope you enjoyed it, and the review. :) Looking forward to reviewing more.

MaestroRage responds:

It was a great image Karco! I absolutely loved the young man's resolve, his drive to continue into the unknown, absorbing the views, the environment.

Just brilliant. I actually saw the whole scene in my head in rather large detail, and I have to tell you, it was quite heart warming.

Now onto teh review :D *it seems I always start with the story, then get to the technicals of reviews!*

This is a rather laid back melody, nothing drastic occurring, not sharp turns. Simple, progressive, enjoyable. These were the major pillars I felt were necessary for them.

I love the segment where it stops and just "GOES" like you said. I wish I had done more with it, but I wrapped the piece up here and I have this nasty habit of not being able to open a project I already "wrapped up" in my head.

I should have been able to use more instruments true. I was considering the french horns, but then it sounded too epic, and epic was not on the agenda today. Maybe more woodwinds, a normal flute would have added more to it. There is actually a choir in the background, could have made that louder.

In any case, thank you for the review Karco! I'm not 100% sure how people started writing their images, but I enjoy reading each and every one, and am grateful for it! I'm glad you liked the piece ^^.

Yet another great track

I like this piece quite a bit, as I do all your works, and I think previous reviews have gotten all the points I wanted to make about technical stuff, so I'm not gonna make this a very long review.

There's only one thing I have to say, but it's one that could be applied to everything you write, since I've noticed it in many of your pieces: your pieces often don't move very much. Classical music should take the listener on a journey.

Take Chopin's Ballade no. 1, for instance (I've been working on this piece for a little while now, so it's very much on my mind, lol. google it if you haven't heard it before). It takes the listener on a journey, from the first few soft, gentle notes, travels through a power ~10ish minutes, and finally comes to an end. Sure, the listener hears themes come back, but they're varied enough so that the listener still feels the journey continuing. Now let's go back to your piece.

You can't very well have a journey when you cycle through the same set of chords the entire piece! The chords are all the same length, also: 1 measure, assuming you're in 4/4. This makes for a very dull journey, to be frank. I'm sorry, but it's true. Sure, you vary it as much as you can for having the same repeated chords, but...it just isn't the best that you're capable of. I know none of us will be as great as Chopin, but you can always strive for that level of mastery!

I know I sound very harsh, especially considering it was your advice in the beginning that brought me to where I am now, but do notice that I still gave you a 10. This is great for NG...but strive to be better than NG! (sorry NG composers...most of you suck) I look forward to your next composition

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MaestroRage responds:

I don't mind at all Dave, you are right to sound harsh, frankly this was an older piece, though that should be no excuse. I used to have the "recycle" syndrome as I call it, which is pretty much me using the same segments/chords again and again because I feel there is always something more I could do with that chord, and then after several hours of messing around with that chord, my ear becomes too used to it to change the chord without it sounding "wrong" if you know what I mean.

I also realize that classical pieces are supposed to take you on wild and exciting journeys *unless it's a sad journey :'(*, and though I do have some lengthy pieces, they cannot be uploaded here, and many of the early ones heavily suffer from "the recycle syndrome".

Don't worry my friend, I will always strive for that higher level, slowly i'm getting there. The lack of theory is proving to become a real burden lately, forcing more time to be spent on that, and less on actual music works.

Thank you for the review Dave, I truly appreciate it!

Yep just what I wanted.

A soft song that isnt quite sad but sprouts gentle happyness. Y'know content. Nothing to do, just enjoying the moment. Pondering life (lol).

MaestroRage responds:

and thats exactly what the song represents :D! Except for the nothing to do part, everybody in the song had something to do :D! Like not let the crops die, and other things like that.

Glad you liked it snyper, thank you for the review!

Another story/review

A boy is sitting beside the window to his room, putting on his boots. But this boy knows that after today, he will be a man, for today he starts his journey. He does't know where he's going or how long it will take, but he is going. As he stands up, beams of light wink through his window as the rising sun shines through the tree outside. He is ready, he decides, and grabs his pack.
He has been walking for many hours, and though the excitement and freshness of the journey are still upon him, he grows lonely, and wishes that his friend were with him. As he crests a hill, he spies a figure at an intersection in the road up ahead. "At last," he thinks, "I will have a companion, at least a short time." As the boy approaches the intersection, he suddenly realizes that the person waiting at the intersection looks familiar! "My friend!" he shouts, as he rushs up and embraces his friend. "Where are you off to, friend?" the boy asks.
"i haven't the slightest clue," replies his friend.
"Ha, well, I don't know where I'm going either. But I think I'd enjoy going there a lot more with you along." says the boy, no, the man.
The two walk off down road, swapping jokes and trading tales of their adventures since they last met.

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