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Album: Wheatember. By Arnas. This wasn't intended. But sounds a lot like oldschool Prodigy


Good and Bad

I completely agree with TorkKey

it did have a decent melody with some good bass, but again you are letting over-repetitiveness along with really really annoying beats overpower the good parts of ur songs.

You are letting your motto of being repetitive as not being a bad thing.....be to repetitive.

Mix it up man.

It also sounds like you arn't putting a lot of effort into your songs, i might be wrong but thats simply what it sounds like. I know because i have songs that dont have a lot of effort put into them and it shows.

keep it up man, but mix it up.

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It wasn't terrible. Your "melody" was fitting and didnt over-power. Congrats. The bass was nice and fit well with the melody.

Cons: (b ready for it)
Well, to start off, IT IS ANNOYING!!! Its the same thing Over and OVER again! This song should be titled "death to the world by annoyingness"! (whatever). And I know that you say sometimes repetitiveness is good sometimes, and I'll agree. BUT NOT NOW!!! Every song is the same way! IT NEVER ENDS!!!
Ok, enough yelling. The drum beat was kinda annoying after a while (like I do better) so I'd say to just make it vary a little more. (ex: change the bass drum pattern or something. PLZ).

Not bad just vary it more.

Hope you havnt killed yourself! C ya!

ps. Your not using Magix Music Studio or any Magix crap are you?

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Normally I wouldn't mind...

I don't really care if one of your songs pop up in the top 5 every now and then, but it's been occuring more and more, and this week you have all the spots. This leads to me to believe one thing: you downvote other songs so you can win. If not, sorry about the accusation, but it really pisses me off. You have very little musical talent. Your genres are all off. Everything is shitty. If you want, I'll teach you some things that I know. If you don't feel like getting better, stop making music. You're really bad at it.


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I like what you've got here.

I'm not sure if I agree with Violent-Vision who has mentioned the loops being too long. I think one of the key aspects of the techno genre is that it is repetative and trancing. This deffinatly that. Although I wouldn't go as far to call it techno.

I like what you've got here, very game style to me. Its a bit weird and discordent in a good way and has some very interesting sounds.

Maybe some critisms with the levels and with some of the sounds. Also very short, but this is a preview right?

All in all, I liked this. Good work.

Good try..

It was a good try but u did to long repeat the loops. if you put more effort in it I think i wil be better then now....Dont u think?

Arnas responds:

Sometimes repetitive is good

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Mar 27, 2007
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