Story Time With Seven Two: A Sequel (Rated T for Teen)


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After discussing Story Time With Seven One, I decided, why shouldn't you guys know more about how stupid I was as a teenager. This story includes cats fighting and my horrible southern accent. Light language and some adult content.

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Love the vocabulary you put in!

SevenSeize responds:

Lol thanks

So you guys almost got murdered by luciferians, and you and your boyfriend almost were ambushed by some rando in a room full of pentagrams, and an out-of-jurisdiction police officer who may or may not have been real kept you out of trouble. Huh. His non-belief in ghosts is weird. Could have even been an angel. Can't argue his timing wasn't impeccable.

Once upon a time, I was watching one of Jay Smith's lectures, and he mentioned being beaten up on his ladder at speakers' corner pretty regularly -- although for Christians, that's admittedly the norm.

Well, one day, he went out to dinner with a Muslim who had been in the crowd, watching him speak, but the guy was shaking in his boots the whole time. Finally, Jay asked him, "What's wrong?" The Muslim looked at him like he was crazy. "Did you see the men? The two men in the trees overhead?" Jay had no idea what he was talking about. He didn't see any men in the trees, but the guy described them to him, two men in white, crouching in the branches, looking down at the crowd. Then he recalled how many people must have been praying for him every day. Twice, when an entire mob jumped on Jay, he was shielded by a big black guy who laid over top of him and took the blows. To this day he's never been able to thank him to his face.

Just a thought -- I've heard lots of testimonies of mysterious people showing up in the nick of time, helping out, and then sort of vanishing into thin air, never to be heard from again. Some accounts are more miraculous than others, but it's such an interesting and prolific phenomenon, I can't help but wonder if that police officer with his good advice and impeccable timing was another case for the books. :P

SevenSeize responds:

Oh no, I'm with you. I feel he definitely could have been an angel or something supernatural.

What do you do in the dark with a guy that would make you feel shame? LOL

SevenSeize responds:

I feel shame regarding every bit of the relationship with that guy. Lol

I can not listen to your work on this phone. It makes me sad in my pants. I heard it on someone's PC though. You have a sexy voice.

SevenSeize responds:

Aw thanks! I worry about my awful accent!

More like implied 'adult content' lol. Another good adventure tale, though I think you rushed through it a little. Then again I'm guessing you didn't edit this file, which may have been take 2 or 3 even? Even with the rush, it's well told, just as pro as your first story time... the cat fight kinda coincided with the tale :3

Did you have an outline to read from? Oh, I'm thinking the cop was a good egg, likely patrolling the area between his house and his assigned area when off duty?

SevenSeize responds:

No retakes, just the one. I did rush through, intentionally, to try to keep it under 15 minutes for my listeners' sake! Lol
Had an outline, but not a script.
The cop seemed like a good guy, no bad feeling from him.

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