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Track 6 on The Cheshire Act (cover of the song by Lifehouse)


This rocks harder than the original which is more of a soft song. I would say I prefer the instrumentals of this song to the original. That is saying a lot because I'm a pretty big Lifehouse fan! But the voice doesn't work as well as Jason Wade's did back in the day. I guess because I'm used to his version.

You:1, Lifehouse:0

I've heard this song many times by Lifehouse, and I honestly like your version better.

I don't know, I may just be biased towards you, because you simply rule. It's the rock songs like these that have become the themes to my life recently: I'm listening to them day-in, day out and I LOVE IT. For something digital, this song sounds so powerful and captivating, plus I like the melodizing and all-around good vocals. I've just started up a band recently, and I'd love it if we could try some of your songs... even though we're nowhere near good enough to play this stuff :P

Keep up the awesome work!

Rly well-made.

Sounds rly close to the quality of the original. I like both, in fact, I listened to the original and then this one and I felt as if "Wait, was it Lifehouse who did the cover or Setu-Firestorm?" AhHahah... In other words, your music is good enough for sum1 to do a cover for YOU.

Setu-Firestorm responds:


I had to do 2 cover songs for the CD I made for that class project, and I figured that I would take the original Lifehouse song and completely make it something that it wasn't.


wow, you have a band?!?!?!

You've voice is very crisp, very powerful, I like it, and I can understand the lyrics!!! A feat rare here in our dear and beloved audio portal.

I don't know the original file, as this is a cover.


I have absolutely nothing to say about the piece Setu, sorry I can't think of anything, but I wanted to drop my support anyways, you're a great deal more talented then I originally thought.

Setu-Firestorm responds:

Actually, I don't have a band. All of this was virtual instruments. I step-recorded every part to this song (including drums), and spent at least 2 to 3 hours EQing everything just the way I wanted it.

Thanks for the compliment, although it almost sounded a bit "I didn't like you at first"-ish. =P

Anyhoo, thanks.

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Mar 22, 2007
11:34 AM EDT
General Rock
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