Story Time With Seven (Halloween Story)


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I was going to type this up into a story for the writing forum for Halloween, but these things really happened to me, so I decided to go ahead and just tell them to you.
* I am sick, I sound awful
* I am southern, I sound awful
* I am nervous, when recording things. That doesn't help.

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Oh wow nice description your great at telling stories will you listen to mine when I post them I will be sure to let you know first if you don't mind ! I don't write down my stories I just freestyle them I am best for the camp fire too!

SevenSeize responds:


Louisiana was rough when I was down there; But yall have the best zydeco, blues, jazz, rock, OMG, your state is the home of the best music ever. I am sure https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cTEB-1nayT0 this lady is from your home town and if not she learned from someone in your state. I also think her song fits your story very well. When I think of Louisiana I think of my harmonica and songs played with a "SAW!"
A saw people. If you have never heard the beautiful sounds produced by a saw, go to Louisiana. Just avoid angry people in trucks and you will be fine.
I so love the South.
Ok I am done talking. Thanks for the Halloween Story Seven.

SevenSeize responds:

We have the best food too.

Had no idea you were also a southerner. Y'all were lucky. ;)

Hope nobody missed that food. I'm giggling every so often at the south-isms.

Also disturbed someone was apparently practicing necromancy. Sounds like santeria or brujeria to me? Really weird that at the same place where someone was sacrificing an animal to some demon, a guy goes nuts and kills his girlfriend. That's absolutely strange.

SevenSeize responds:

Hi fellow southerner!!!! I guess maybe it could have been Santeria.....or Voodoo? We have a lot of people who still practice Voodoo.
There's a local abandoned military base I used to go to also, and there were tons of the same things there. Maybe that can be another blog entry!!!

I feel like you should have found a sacrifice for that pentagram to appease the demon that possessed that man to kill that woman.

SevenSeize responds:

I knew you would have practical advice.

That wuz a cool story.
You rounded it up pretty quickly. Would be cool to hear what happened to the dude and if you ever went back / what's going on there now.
Also with my limited knowledge of the south, can definitely believe it was that way

SevenSeize responds:

I never went back, and that area floods pretty often, so I think the shack was probably temporary, like a camp, just used occasionally.
I'm not going back. :-)

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